Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What associates me?

If there is one thing I really like, is when people ask me what I am listening to and in return they tell me what they are listening to.

The question "What are you listening to?" differs from "What music do you like?" or variations of that.

If there is one thing I reckon that I can use to know a person better, it will probably be through the songs that s/he listens to.

I mentioned this before. But of course I won't marry anybody who owns Unbelievable Truth, Lori Carson and Suddenly, Tammy! albums. It is a little odd that amongst the three artists/bands listed here, two are defunct and Lori Carson hasn't made anything since 2004.

I am writing about this now because 4 different persons have asked me what I've been listening to within the month and it made me realised how people are associated to certain stuff. I guess because of the fact that I have so many labels in my blog associated with music I listen to : "a song a day", "lyrics", "cisum stuff", "imeem" and shitloads of other music-related entries, it's easy to guess that I'm the sort who plugs into his iPod whenever possible.

Which is true.

So thank you, all four of you, for asking me what I'm listening to on FaceBook/MSN/etc etc and re-introducing music, like Goldfrapp, that I've neglected, sharing similar simultaneous liking, like PBJ's Young Folks, and introducing exciting new bands, like Unkle Bob, to me.

Maybe if I should say that besides playing Joy Division's Ceremony at my funeral, my epitaph - should I have one, should read something like "Guess what is he listening to now?"

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