Wednesday, December 05, 2007

F1 Singapore

markashy was commenting about the google earth and youtube video of the Singapore F1 track route.

you can find the file here but you need google earth....clicky.

Yes, it does go under the floating stage grandstand. being a counter-clockwise street circuit and a night race, I can just imagine the thousands of spectators snapping away with their Canons, Nikons, Sonys and cameraphones as the F1 cars make a sharp left turn down the grandstand straight and disappear under the grandstand and zooming past them at speeds of up to 200kph +++.

But I think the most exhilarating stretch would be the St Andrew's straight when the cars will accelerate to 300kph +++ and take full advantage of an otherwise twisty circuit.

It's interesting cause it's counter-clockwise. Most circuits are clockwise - affects their muscles. It's like getting Michael Johnson to sprint 200m in the opposite direction. Not as simple as we think.

It's also interesting cause it's bloody at night. How the lights will affect the vision of the drivers with reflections bouncing from the car, the billboards, the crowds....

And it's a street circuit. Yeah! This is not about the government trying to close the income gap, it's not about them trying to curb the inflation that is inevitable, it's not about managing the backlash of the sub-prime woes and it's definitely not about making sure "Every Singaporean Matters".

Because, fuck all, the rich gets richer in the F1 business....trickle down effect is minimal for everyday people like you and I. In fact, we're poorer for it cause public transport will be disrupted and certain places that were previously free for public access will be restricted. Inflation in Singapore, being such an open economy which relies so much on trade, is imported and difficult to curb without super tight fiscal policy (high saving rates, managed foreign reserves and prudent fiscal policy). Sub-prime woes are already affecting every mother's son. And daughter. Who the fuck cares about you, every Singaporean?

Funny thing is, while this year's ASEAN focus seems to be on green green green, nobody is raising an eyebrow about F1 races. The carbon footprint each tourist and each F1 team leaves just to race in Singapore would be tremendous. And that's before the race even gets started.

But who cares?

Gimme F1. Gimme now....! (official website)

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