Friday, December 21, 2007


I have been seeing her for more than 6 years. It was a chance encounter that led to a long term relationship. I use the word loosely. It's more of a transaction. Almost business-like. It only got friendlier when I met her in my neighbourhood earlier this year.

I meet her on a monthly basis. I'm such a faithful customer that I no longer go into the specifics of what I want. Merely a brief description and she's quick with the recommendations. And her hands, moving just as fast. At the end of my third or fourth year of consistent patronage, she started giving me discounts even though it's not the norm.

It was almost a shock seeing her outside her normal work station. I had to do a double take before realising it was her. If not for her smile, I wouldn't even have looked her way.

It was at my next visit that I asked her why was she doing near my place. She replied that she'd moved. She was renting an apartment at the old condominium. The apartment belongs to the sister of her boss. She was looking to move to a more permanent place.

When she re-located, I followed. It will be odd having someone else do it for me. Just don't cut it.

Recently I went to her again. This time she told me she'd found a place. The apartment is located at the adjacent block. How weird.

To think that 6 years ago when I first decided to get blonde highlights, I decided to get it done at Reds Salon Bugis Junction. Michelle was the senior stylist then. Couple of months back, when she moved over to Jeric Salon at Central to head as the Director, I continued to get my monthly haircut from her.

It's not value-for-money like at the local barber or Sri Dewa. But I'm paying for a slice of constant in my life. A little piece of indulgence. A time of the month where everything is familiar. And it doesn't really matter how awry my life is twisting out, she's a phonecall away, except on Mondays and when she's on leave or some assignment.

The only expectation is a haircut. She knows I cannot have anything too fanciful or jaunty. The variations are slight. Perhaps a slighlty bias fringe, that's it.

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