Sunday, July 10, 2005

My new toy

This is Bernard.
Bernard is a STIKFAS figure.

Say hello to Bernard.


Bernard is very posable.

Bernard is entirely designed in Singapore.

Bernard is the big Daddy-O.

Bernard shows off a very neat trick.

Handstands! Fantastic! There are very difficult to execute but Bernard does it with such ease.

How every toy must envy Bernard's finesse, strength and dexterity.

Such grace, such agility, such talent. It is very rare for a toy figurine.

Displaying at once his spryness and nimbleness.

Oopsy-daisies! Bernard nearly took a tumble!


Bernard manages to regain his balance with an amazing recovery.

Steady there Bernard.

Once again, this is a testament of Bernard's prowess.

Bernard is very intrigued. Bernard scratches in wonder.


Bernard can never find the balance required for handstand.

Bernard wonders why.

Bernard looks down......


What are these things that blocks Bernard's view of the floor in front?

Bernard thinks hard.....


Breasts! Neh neh! Tetek! And its a C Cup too!

This is a very weird predicament.

This is erm...Bernardette.

Bernardette is a STIKFAS figure.

Say hello to Bernardette.


Bernardette is very posable and can be in many positions.

Bernardette is entirely designed in Singapore.

Bernardette will call you Daddy.


Princess Poofie said...

where can u find it??
need to get one for a fren...

Little fish said...

It's real cheap. only SGD9.90 at Dollz Inc.

This is the Beta Female. It's really no frills. Only body parts with no accessories.

There is the Alpha Male version.
Black. More expensive with accessories. Dunno where to get.

There are two other colours of these no frills type that I saw.

If there's Generation 2 stikfas, get those. better..