Friday, September 30, 2005

More photos of Zoo trip

I have decided to put in a couple more animal shots. I think their life is a routine.
Not much variation. No variation in fact.

I don't know if animals should be kept in a zoo. I do believe that without human intervention, many more animals will be on the endangered list or already extinct.

Jackass Penguins - yes. I know. It's true.

Jackass camels - nope, they're just camels.

I have always thought cheetas were the coolest looking cats.

Alex! The Lion! Roar!!


Boring entry

I have been at work for much of the week. Probably explains why the lack of blog entries. Two lousy entries; one annoucing the death of postmark and another about the wonderful sunday outing to the zoo with V.

And I was suppose to update the zoo entry.

Monday, I got email saying that there's gonna be an inspection 48 hours later. So got my guys together and motivated them. We had pretty awesome results previously. There was a change in the inspector.

He has since passed away.

Committed suicide.


I should blog about suicides I have heard of this year. Jumping off buildings seem to be pretty much the way to go. Had a talk with V about 2 weeks back about suicides while having aglio olio pepperocino at prego's.

I used to think that people who dare to take their own lives must be very brave.
After reading Prozac Nation in my second year of uni (it was in the uni's library - under Psychology), I kinda think it's not about guts. It's about making decisions more than bravery. It's like economics, which I was doing then. Decisions, that's talking about utils. I buy apples and not oranges because I derive more utils from apples than oranges. I kill myself and not live because I get more utils from being dead.

I guess that is the ultimate pleasure.

When I graduated, my parents flew over to attend my graduation. I do not come a very well to do family so I had to trade off my youth for this chance at experiencing an overseas education. My parents paid for their flight here. And I paid for as much of their expenses while they were in UK.

I then decided that suicides are no longer about decisions. They are about shirking responsibilites. That's not very brave.

But then you learn about the frail nature of the human condition.

Some people just can't help it.

It's like Elizabeth Wurtzel had to physically hurt herself to make tangible what had no source and no form but was giving her hell. Some people just can't help it.

I no longer know if people who actually committed suicide are brave, decisive, shirkers or just helpless. I suppose things were clearer when I was younger and you didn't have so much information to form an opinion.

Anyway, back to the inspection. The guy who was replaced by the suicide came back to his office again. So the new inspector was actually the inspector who got replaced. Tough. This lau chek is very meticulous. Meticulous is a nice euphemist for someone who was as yim jim as him. He checks every barrel, every gun sight, every bolt, nut and spring, muster all your accessories, check your records leaving no stone unturned. I guess he is just doing his job. If all the toilet cleaners in Singapore is as detailed in their work as this lau chek, narbeh, I tell you, Singapore toilet seats will be clean enough to eat off. No one would of course, some genius invented table and utensils for that purpose. Digressing: Do you know toilet cleaners will purposely lock a number of toilet cubicles in a building just so that they clean less toilets? There is this building in base where the middle toilet cubicle of every level is locked. Leaving just two cubicles on either side of which one would have ran out of toilet paper or have shoeprints all over. Pee on the floor. And the other toilet would be the squatting kind. Take your pick.

Ok, back about the inspection. So the inspector is yim jim meticulous.

I stayed back with my department till 1030pm working on our guns. yes, unlike the rest of the guys who blog about their "gun" or "lethal weapon", we handle the real thing. And it's not those pussified revolvers or pistols...And it's not easy maintaining them after going through bad weather and sea spray.

So we continued the next night till about 10pm. I couldn't stay for the actual inspection but I heard we'd done well. We'd better. After the guys left their sweat and blood together with the polish and lubricant.

And this kinda reminded me that I have not met V since zoo visit.

My Saturday resolution: Meet V.

Some people say I lack ambition. I like to think I'm just different.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

We are going to the zoo zoo zoo.

I haven't got time to blog but I shall put up some pics of the Singapore Zoological Gardens which V and I just visited over the weekend. I thought it was loads of fun....very tiring though.

Mental note: Nonya curry at the Zoo's Jungle Flavour cafeteria is nice!



Little Orang 01

Restless little orang utan.....

Little Orang 02

Finally gets to go home....a little glum though...

Will update this entry soon....super tired....

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How now brown cow?

I have been using Postmark email service since 2001. That was when I thought it would be nice to have an alternative webmail on top of hotmail and yahoo accounts.

It's been 4 years. It's been a long time (in internet age). But it has finally ceased to exist.

Rest in peace.


I think the scary thing really is that they recommended Google! Google the new devil?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

When will they stop? Too!

Had one similar.....Another one......

( )


I am . John Williams,a barrister at law and the personal attorney to one Mr Allan Pang, a national of your country, who used to do some public relations projects with Shell oil Company here in nigeria. Mr. Allan Pang, shall thenceforth, be referred to as my client. On Monday, 17 August 2001,My client and his wife together with their only child were involved in a car accident along Ibadan express way two years after this ugly incident, I have made several enquiries to your embassy to locate any of my client's extended relatives but these have also proved unsuccessful. After these several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to track hislast name over the Internet, to locate any member of his family hence I contacted you.

I have contacted you to assist in
repartrating the assets valued at US$12.5million. This funds were left behind by my client before they were declared unserviceable by the security finance firm where this huge deposits were lodged. The said financial institution has issued me a notice to provide the next of kin or have the consignment seized within ONE MONTH official working days. Since I have been unsuccesfull in locating the relatives for over 3 years now, I seek your consent to present you as the NEXT OF KIN to the deceased hence both of you bear the same last name, so that the proceeds of this consignment can be realeased to you. On receipt of your positive response, I shall take 50%of the totall money and you will take 45% while 5%will go for any expenses we both exprience in this transaction. I have all necessary information and legal documents needed to back you up for this huge claims. (hahahahahaha!) All I require from you is your honest co-operation to enable us see this transaction through. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. Please get in touch with me through undermention email: for more details.

Best regards, Barrister. John Williams. (Regency & Associate) Address:124 Ramons Williams Street Ikoyi Lagos -Nigeria.
( )

Saturday, September 24, 2005


I do like dogs. Some dogs. Some.

First an announcement!

Next something boh leow.


Do your own banners here! Click me!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Was at the Com Chest Award Presentation Ceremony this afternoon, at grand was an opportunity to take a look at zouk which was all covered up with hoardings.

Bought two bottles of jacob creek cabs for the dinner at No Signboard at Oasis....really wanted to get 2 rieslings instead by cause I wasn't really sure what was the dinner gonna be like and given the short time for the wine to chill..............decided against logic and went for the cabs instead. Not too bad, young wine with long finish. But really should have gotten a riesling instead. XO was talking about zinfandel which i do have a certain fondness for but it's not really easy to find this sometimes... he was probably talking about the white zinfandel which i mentioned in this blog before... I am on the lookout for the sutter home white zinfandel. Would have really gotten a white zinfandel, again, was concerned about the chilling time. It's hard to strategise. Can't really mix reds with whites. But what the heck.... Maybe next time can start with a light red....followed by a white zinfandel...light red....hmm...what's light? White merlot? but where the hell to get? and merlot????

anyways, finished the two bottles as planned......

Feeling rather sian cause won't be able to watch lost tmr night....on duty tmr and friday night....sigh..........

V suggested we go to the zoo on sunday....sounds good to me....will take plenty of photos.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Daily Rant

back not too long ago from my cousin's wedding. looking at the requisite photo montage and video on "the day's proceedings", noticed that the newly minted couple had the same problem with many couples when it comes to unveiling the bride. the groom never remember to fold the veil over the head and to smooth the veil down. often, you get this kink cause the veil cannot fall down nicely by itself.

a sad fact in my life that i kept reminding myself throughout the dinner is that this extended family meet up only at weddings - celebratory or at funeral - obligatory.

gonna go for my medical review. probably gonna say that the medical excuse till 30 Sep still stands and that my ankle has shown improvements. I dunno how long it will take but I better be early cause otherwise i will be late for a comchest presentation ceremony.

I'm going to course soon and i'd better prepare myself for the transition. I gotta clear leave as well....14 outstanding and even after selling the maximum of 7 days in exchange for cash i still got another 7 outstanding.

I feel rather apologetic to me department because just as we are making improvements in strides, i gotta move out....

Ordinary People

Few R'n'B/hiphop acts these days really pique my interest.
Nothing challenging. Nothing unexpected.

So when right hand man of Kayne West, John Stevens aka John Legend came through one night when I was watching tv, singing Ordinary People, it was a breath of fresh air. Air fragranced with crisp riesling, warm cotton-white pullovers and coriander leaves. Ok, I digress.

Girl, I'm in love with you,
This ain't the honey moon.
Past the infatuation phase,
Right in the thick of love.
At times we get sick of love,
It seems like we argue everyday.

I know I misbehaved,
And you've made your mistakes,
And we both still got room left to grow.
And though love sometimes hurts,
I still put you first,
And we'll make this thing work,
But I think we should take it slow.

We're just ordinary people,
We don't know which way to go,
Cause we're ordinary people,
Maybe we should take it slow, take it slow.
This time we'll take it slow, take it slow.
This time we'll take it slow.

This ain't a movie, no.
No fairy tale conclusion, ya'll,
It gets more confusing everyday.
Sometimes it's heaven sent,
Then we head back to hell again.
We kiss then we make up on the way.

I hang up, you call,
We rise and we fall.
And we feel like just walking away.
As our love advances,
We take second chances,
Though it's not a fantasy,
I still want you to stay.

We're just ordinary people,
We don't know which way to go,
Cause we're ordinary people,
Maybe we should take it slow, take it slow.
This time we'll take it slow, take it slow.
This time we'll take it slow, take it slow.

Maybe we'll live and learn,
Maybe we'll crash and burn,
Maybe you'll stay,
Maybe you'll leave,
Maybe you'll return.
Maybe another fight.
Maybe we won't survive.
Maybe we'll grow, we never know,
Baby, you and I,

We're just ordinary people,
We don't know which way to go,
Cause we're ordinary people,
Maybe we should take it slow, hey,

We're just ordinary people,
We don't know which way to go
Cause we're ordinary people,
Maybe we should take it slow, take it slow.
This time we'll take it slow, take it slow.
This time we'll take it slow, take it slow.
Take it slow, slow, this time we'll take it slow.
Take it slow, this time we'll take it slow.

Still true today

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

I begin with a quote from Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. First line in the first chapter.

I have not read the book but because it was told to me in the quiet dark recesses of the literature section of my JC library by a girl I use to know. I was just running my eyes along the aisle when this book caught my eye because the movie recently ended its run then and I had missed it.

So I push the book out and the girl said the quote above. I went huh?

That's the first line in the book.

At that point, I could have died and gone to nerd heaven. It was sexy in a very nerd-gratifying way. You just wanted to tear through ... the book. But I never.

I was so into W.H. Auden and T.S. Eliot and Sylvia Plath. W.H. Auden was born on the same day as I am and blimey, was born in York! T.S. Eliot was an anagram for "toilets" and the full name of Auden, Wystan Hugh Auden yielded "Hush, unwanted gay". Auden must be the most famous gay that shares my birthday. And that must have been the only reason I read him.

That event must have affected more than my loins because now whenever I hear of any happy or unhappy families, this is the quote that comes to mind immediately.

I have come to conclude that when a family is unhappy, there can be a million things to be unhappy about and each unhappy familiy can be as such for any combination of reasons.

It is when a family is happy, there is nothing to be unhappy about, hence there is that sameness in quality.

I often hear that we can choose our friends but we cannot choose our family (besides the wife).

But I think what is more important to note is that while we cannot choose our family, we can sure as hell choose how we treat each other in the family, in the wish to be treated the same way in return.

Tolstoy is a genius.

Monday, September 19, 2005

It's nice to find sweetness at the end of a long and confusing day

See above.

Now click below.

Respect for the dead....and the living.

So there I was, watching the nightly news on channel 8 when news of the murdered security guard at Boon Siew Building along Bukit Timah Road.

And prominently on the tv screen was the scene when the family of the deceased came to identify the body. And right across the glass pane were these wordings

No photography or video recording of activities in these premises.

There you go...

Please have some respect for the dead. And his family.

Guys and relationships

It was in a short while ago when I observed certain things in guys and relationships.

And in today's papers, an article titled Quickie Marriages seems to bring this point across.

This guy, Richard, wanted out of his marriage within a year of marrying his secondary school sweetheart, Sandra. They had a 9-year relationship which had its ups and downs but nevertheless, the guy decided to get married because of the time together and out of convenience; he did not want to go through the whole process of courtship all over again.

In one of the episodes entitled Hearts and Minds in the ABC tv series, Lost, one of the characters, Boone, was given some hallucinogen by Locke. Boone had an on/off incestuous with his sister Shannon. During Boone's massive acid trip, he saw his sister dead. After confronting Locke, Boone said he felt relieved when she Shannon died.



What made me see? That stuff you put on my head. . . you drugged me.


I gave you an experience that I believe was vital to your survival on this island.


It wasn't real?


It was only as real as you made it.


I saw her die.


How did you feel? When she died?


I felt. . . I felt. . . I felt relieved. I felt relieved.


Yes. Time to let go.

So what did Richard in the newspaper article do when he wanted to get rid of his wife? He deliberately gave her the cold shoulder, responding with only monosyllables when she wanted to chat.
......I was trying to make her hate me so it would be easier to suggest the idea of divorce......

I think the episode in Lost portrayed a male trapped in a situation of love and despair rather well. I don't think males have evolved to the stage where they are hardwired to be decisive when it comes to relationship matters. Boone knew he was in a disadvantageous position with Shannon but could not lift himself out of the limbo. It was only through her "death" that he found relief. Richard, who did not want to be the "bad" guy to initiate a divorce was so destructive that he left himself no room when the eventual break down happens.

I think all guys in a relationship should have the experience that Boone had. I don't mean that you have to take drugs, it's not exactly by all means necessary. Not everyone will see their partners die of course. This way, it will prevent alot of Richards in this world from causing such massive hurt to the potential Sandras out there.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Travelling On

Could you have been
the one I wanted
and your life could have sank
but I have travelled this life alone.
If only I'd have found you sooner
maybe you'd have found me saner
now I'm lost in the unknown.
I want to fly away with you.
I want to fly away with you.

Mid Autumn Festival aka Latern Festival

Has half the autumn come and gone? I wouldn't have noticed it here.

Had dinner at Chinatown with V earlier. Boy was it packed. Eu Tong Sen was pedestrianised. Some MediaCorp variety show I believe. We had a stroll down Smith St, South Bridge Rd, Cross St to Raffles Place before heading to Merlion Park. She strolled. I half-limped. A lot more touristy people than a normal weekend. The families who are here usually would probably be nearer home to carry their laterns and whatnots. Merlion Park was noticeably, quieter. Still there were pockets of people carrying laterns, some were blowing bubbles (I kept on saying balloons).

Have yet to eat any mooncakes. No fried mars bar as well. Mong was around the area and she didn't buy it. Try it's really nice. It's not like acquired taste or anything.

Gonna work tomorrow and I don't really know how the next month will turn out. It's 4 short weeks before going for the next course. On one hand, there is so much more to be done, on the other, if I don't wrap things up now....I might never. I think the next couple of weeks should be rather exciting. I am not looking forward to any overtime...

Gonna have me some mooncake later. With lady grey nonetheless.

Dreary Day

It's one thing to have a great weekend and another to have it so short.
Normally the thing is, I'm too tired to socialise on a Friday night so Saturday nights are better. But then Sunday comes.
Sundays, since I was young, provided too thin a buffer for the coming Monday and all the horrors of the week it entails.
Sunday. The harbinger of death.

Things got progressively worse through kindergarten to primary school. It was only in secondary school that it got a wee bit better. So please keep it single-sex. Ok, I digress.

JC wasn't too bad as well. But certain periods of the 2 year at JC were terrible. Mondays were shrouded in a veil because common tests were on Saturdays. That never affected my adult life thankfully because I have no strong aversions towards Saturdays. As yet.

Uni was good. Weekdays and weekends melted into one long week that was spent waking up for morning lectures or tutorials if there were any. I did so much during uni and at the same time if you ask me what I have done, I cannot for the life of me, give you a decent answer. I probably grew up if anything. But that's such a cliched answer. I grew old. That I admit. But I am ageing faster than I would like right now in my job/career/calling. So I like to tell people that I did normal things, you know, stuff.

"Stuff". What a great invention. As can be seen from the article by Janadas Devan on Sunday Times today.
Q: So what did you do when you were there?
A: Well, you know, stuff.

Two people in Sunday Times made me think of my uni time today.
Sandra Leong and Cheong Suk-Wai.

Sandra Leong was introducing the fried mars bar that was sold at British Chippy found in Far East Plaza. There was this chippy shop that I frequently patronised when I was studying in angmoh land. I frequented the place because it was on the way to town and the prices were very affordable. It was like a pound fifty for his basic fish and chips. It was a huge serving that he would dump (that's what he did) into a cone made out of grease-proof paper. Condiments were available at extra cost but you could have all the salt and vinegar you wanted. Throughout my 3 years in ang moh land, salt and vinegar with my fish and chips was something I never grew to like. I never put ketchup or chilli sauce (I brought a bottle of maggi chilli) on it either. Just liked it with salt. During my first year, on my way to town with Yugin and Jammie (who recently married uni sweetheart, Eric), Jammie asked us if we have tried fried mars bar. What? How to? Yugin heard of it but have yet to tried it. Or at least that was how I remembered it. So we went in an I got my first tasting of the fried mars bar.

It beats Bakerzin's warm chocolate cake amongst the many chocolatey delights anytime.

The slightly bewildered chippy owner wondered why we like it so much. To him, it was way too sweet and frankly, he just sold them, not that he liked them. We went on to tell him about goreng pisang and how the bananas in angmoh land was not suited for deep frying because they aren't sweet and soft enough...

Cheong Suk-Wai went to Covent Garden's The Ivy and had the good fortune of having a meal at The Fat Duck down at Bray. But I wasn't jealous of the chance to eat at such esteemed restaurants. I am more content with the local hawker. I think my taste is cheap.

It was how the english language was used by the people in that damp, grey and tiny island they call old blighty. It was superficial and always with great timing. But it was re-assuring when you are in a foreign land. I always try not to break into a laugh when I hear them ending their sentences with love/luv. I could never have brought myself to say it because I could never sound convincing. It has to be spoken by one who carries an Irish, Scottish or any of the many British accents to sound anywhere nice. I cannot imagine a german saying it. It will only sound like an episode from 'allo 'allo. French? That would sound flirtatious. Singapore-beng accent? It will warrant a "lee seow ah?".

So what a dreary day it has been. Lots of pre-monday blues.....lots of thinking about the carefree uni days.....well...the weather looks imported from london but not the temperature. Beggars can't be choosers. My ankle still hurts and I have to work tomorrow cause my MC expires. I have a medical review next Wednesday...but till then, maybe I should seek solace in a fried mars bar.

Red Chairs ........waiting.......

Love U More

All the retro dance tracks making me reminisce.
Suddenly thought of this track. If any DJ ever drops this track after I've downed a couple of drinks.....I will not stop remembering.....

You can make the sun turn purple
You can make the sea turn turtle
But you know you can never make me love you more
You can turn wine into water
And sadness into laughter
But you know you can never make me love you more

Let the sky fall down, let the leaves turn brown
Still you know you can never make me love you more
Let the redwoods die, let the wells run dry
Still you know you can never make me love you more

You can make dew into diamonds
Or pacify the lions
But you know you can never make me love you more
You can make me dance to order

My sex hung, torn and quartered
But you know you can never make me love you more

Let the new day hide, leave the scars inside
Still you know you can never make me love you more
Let the rain pour down, let the valleys drown
Still you know you can never make me love you more
You know you can never make me love you more

You can make the sun turn purple
You can make the sea turn turtle
But you know you can never make me love you more
You can turn wine into water
As fathers rape their daughters
But you know you can never make me love you more

Let the sky fall down, let the leaves turn brown
Still you know you can never make me love you more
Let the redwoods die, let the wells run dry
Still you know you can never make me love you more
You know you can never make me
You know you can never make me love you more

Outside, it seems like it's gonna rain.....

What A Night

If anything, having rested for a week, what I have got is energy. Still out on a limp but still mobile nonetheless.

So first up, The Neccessary Stage's Separation 40.

It wasn't half bad. Timing could have been more polished. Lines could have been better memorised. All in all, should have been more rehearsed. It is afterall a professional effort right? There was a long scene where the entire proceedings was in malay. Much of the audience was lost save for the few who actually understood malay. Not the few of us. But it wasn't a bad production.

So we headed off to Mohd Sultan. No, I wasn't going to pop my cherry. I have never ever clubbed at Mohd Sultan. Not being a snob here. Just that if you have always eaten meepok dry with lard, you are not going to start eating meepok dry with olive oil cause it's healhtier or that everybody else is doing it. So I have never gone to Double 0, Mdm Wong or whatever else is there. We had bak chor mee and drinks at the corner coffeeshop before heading down to 72-13. The new TheatreWorks space.

And guess who we saw, a portion of the audience from Separation 40 as well as one of the female lead, Yeo Yann Yann. We were all chilling out at the attic - Grey Area which was helmed by Reiki and co from the breakinasia posse. Leslie Low and Vivian Wang from The Observatory were there as well. It was the launch of their Olives MTV. Is this track being picked up by local radio yet? Damn....Anyway, it was a nice diversion by pin (pixel-p) before going to Zouk. I personally witnessed the gigantic bean bags pin (pixel-p) was talking about. The bags are about a metre in radius and about 2 feet high. That's huge for a bean bag. The Grey Area was sponsored by Ministry of Sound which is going to open at Clark Quay real soon. Do check out the site. MOS.COM.SG

Zouk was heaving. At least the dance floor was. It was a shame that the club was rather stand-offish on this last night before their renovation (probably gonna reopen in time for MOS's opening). DJB was still spinning followed by Sonny at about 2. Aldrin finally came on at 3.30. Sonny left him with a track that sounded so much like Positive Education by Slam, probably the special edition mix.

Then it was retro mayhem by Aldrin.

Not Over by Planet Perfecto feat. Grace
Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerald
Children by Robert Miles
As The Rush Comes - Motorcycle (Gabriel and Dresden were just here!)
Love Story - Layo & Bushwacka!
Seven Days And One Week - BBE
Higher State Of Consciousness - Wink
Smack My Bitch Up - Prodigy
Born Slippy - Underworld

And ALL these within the hour. What the hell man. It wasn't a regular night as any regular would tell you. It was just a night for people who grew up with Zouk...It was just happy vibes all around and I'm pretty sure any tourist (I don't mean those with passport, I mean those not in the know) would have enjoyed themselves any way, seeing so many smiling faces.

I don't know how the night went and how it ended. But I am bushed! Couldn't really move too much as my ankle was still rather tight and started to ache. So....

Man...all the basslines, all the acid vibe, all the retro stuff. Give me these tracks if I ever go mambo again man, cause these tracks are my 80s and 90s...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Only Singapore Shopping Blog (so far)

This won't interest V much cause they don't have the stuff she might want *hiaks hiaks*

A blog that advertises all these cheap buys in Singapore and by clicking on the link, tells you where to buy them.

Haha...good for mindless boring afternoons. Who knows what can be found?


Another Seditionaire (??)

What do you call someone who has brought hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the Government?
What do you call someone who excites the citizens of Singapore or the residents in Singapore to attempt to procure in Singapore, the alteration, otherwise than by lawful means, of any matter as by law established?
What do you call someone who brings hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the administration of justice in Singapore?
What do you call a raiser of discontent or disaffection amongst the citizens of Singapore or the residents in Singapore?

Sedition Actor (mediacorp endorsed)? Seditioner (grammatically sound)? Seditionery (popular bookshop endorsed)? Seditionaire (french!)? Sid Vicious (very Sex Pistols)? Seditionman (DC Comics)?

SINGAPORE : A third person has been charged under the Sedition Act with promoting feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races of Singapore.

Gan Huai Shi, 17, faces seven charges of posting racist remarks on his blog site.

On September 12, two bloggers were charged with sedition for posting racist comments online.

Their case will be heard in court again on September 21.

The three are the first bloggers to be charged in Singapore.

Lawyers said the last time the Sedition Act was invoked was at least 10 years ago.

First time offenders can be fined up to $5,000 or jailed up to three years or both.

Subsequent offenders can be jailed up to five years and have their seditious publications forfeited and destroyed. - CNA/de
Apparently they are called bloggers.

Nicholas (您可拉屎/丝) - sorry, my Chinese is very lousy - but is it a seditious act?), Benjamin(笨加民) - again I apologise, my Chinese is very lousy - but is it a seditious act? And now Gan Huai Shi. How should I pronounce the last one? 干坏事?

Weird huh? Permission to shit. Stupid + Citizen? Tell me it's not a coincidence I'd believe you. But the last one? Do bad things? Wa lau....

Two is company. 12 Sep.
Three is a crowd! 17 Sep.

Maybe the powers that be were responding to our wonderings. Why were they called bloggers. Now they charge one. 17 years old. I was a slow one. I didn't even have an email account when I was 17!

People like you just fuel my fire. (but is it a seditious act?)

Be With Me

I finally could bear the pain and made my way to the nearest, most accessible film hall - GV at Plaza Singapura.

I'll start with the grouses. There are few, so just get over them.

1. Two teenagers (I thought it was M18??!!) were behind making inappropriate noises to accompany the movie. Like slurping noises when the movie was showing people eating or mimicking Theresa Chan's speech, it was frustrating. And the guy's bloody phone rang. I would have told him off if not for the fact that I chickened out it would have created a scene and spoiled the movie for everyone.

2. The SMS speed was unbelievable. How can you insert symbols like : and ) without accessing the symbols screen or scrolling through the symbols?

3. Ineffective use of the "she-is-actually-dead" subtle hints. It worked for 12-Storeys but not this time around. Astute viewers would have inferred that when the old man did not open his Guan Hin Provision Shop. Eh, wait, then it was effective then? Shit. Duh.

4. Samantha's boobs

How do I even begin to appraise the movie?
This was the latest local film after Djinn's Perth. I enjoyed that.
But Be With Me is something else. It has more universal appeal. It takes something really complex, like love, hope, destiny, determination, and translates them into film. Without simplifying things. Into moving pictures, with frugal use of words, minimal touches of sounds and lots of humanity and soul. What is it I am talking about, I don't know. I feel that having Wong Kim Hoh onboard was a great move. Many should be familiar with his articles in Sunday Times.

The food theme was evident. Perhaps gratuitous. But the lovelorn gentle giant needed the input it seems. Maybe it was to counter the often asked question about 爱情 and 面包. Which is more important? Maybe not.

The internet lesbian love story was not actually necessary I thought. It would have had the same effect if dumbangel was played by a guy. the homosexual relationship could also have been heterosexual to the same effect. But hey, two birds instead of one, yes please!

I am excited by how much the local directors seemed to like the locations where I grew up in. Perth has several scenes around the Whampoa/Balestier area which was where I went gallivanting when I was in primary school. And the Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital is just about two bus stops before mine when I return home from town. Lovely modernist buliding. With a chinese pavilion inside. It's like living a stone's throw from these places that were seen by millions of other people overseas.

I dunno why am I excited.

So is there true love?
Yes. If you warm heart is.

Singapore, Katrina, Thomas L. Friedman, Ruth Mary Thomas and the education system

It's a long title. I know. But that's how it all connected.

On 14 Sep, this article - Singapore and Katrina was published simultaneously in New York Times and Straits Times, this article by Thomas L. Friedman (American, NYTimes 3-time Pulitzer Prize winner - ok, accolades are not important here. Credibility comes with substance, not prizes).

It was Tomorrowed. Naturally.

And the Chansidines blogged it. And went on to say this...

If Singapore experiences a disaster where community and government is at a breaking point, I really question who will show up.
Hey, no problem man, really, everyone gets to have their say. And so I left a little comment. Ok, maybe not that little.
Like you I question. From past results, not too bad. Judging from what I witnessed during the Boxing Day Tsunami. But it wasn’t like in our own backyard. Imagine Ang Mo Kio being swamped (hard lah, us having HDB high-rise instead of shotgun houses, no French Quarter as well…)

But of course, “breaking point” is subjective. But were the US leaders and community at “breaking point”? Community had time and money to make placards instead of using the money to donate to the grief strickened and the time to dedicate themselves to volunteer work. Bush was on holiday and went on-site 5 days after the natural disaster. Rice was seen buying shoes in new york, cheney remained on holiday?

US news agencies in their expensive helicopters were more interested in filming down the faces of the victims and crowding out the airspace for the relief helicopters…

Dearth in leadership man….cronyism in the greatest democracy in the world. Thank god Mr Brown has been removed. He can drink all the stiff magaritas he wants.

I hope we are together when I say I hope everyone will show up. And hope is the least we can do.

And this was what the reply was...
I just got a free copy of the IHT (16.9.05).

Interestingly a Sporean responded to the Friedman article in this edition. She said something along the lines of “If Singapore experiences a disaster where community and government is at a breaking point, I really question who will show up.

“The problem in Singapore is because of meticulous governance, we have become overdependent on the government. Many people here believe that if Singapore were to have a disaster of such a magnitude, most people would leave the country. And every Singaporean knows there is some truth in this. ”

I actually think the problem isn’t overdependence on the government. It’s more a cultivation of the “each man for himself” mindset which, depending on the context, may or may not be a good thing.

Of course I replied. Wei, I am a sailor leh. I do hold certain values close to my heart, even if you don't believe it is in me.
Hey, you know what, that’s probably true.
But again I think not everyone who wanna leave can afford to leave.
And not everyone would wanna leave.
And you are right. Apathy is something which a government that wields such control is probably rather worried about. Followed by complacency then overdependence.

It probably sounds really cheesy but there are values like loyalty in more of us who will stay than there are those who choose to leave. And frankly, the Singapore I know has never cultivated an “each man for himself” mentality in me.

you were probably talking about Ruth Mary Thomas.
Got me thinking man. I mean, am I really going to work everyday (ok, not now, since I am on MC), going for exercises, going for training, training up my guys, you know, those stuff you see on tv, the sun the sand and the sea for people who thinks that we are living in society that believes in "each man for himself"? Damn it, must girls go through National Service before they know what it means to stay for the guy next to you?

Ok, maybe I am a little too harsh, and a little too worked up over a single blog. And I really do hope that deep down every Singaporean, we are not like what Ruth Mary Thomas said. We are not so selfish like what the Chansidines said. Please let us not be tested, and should we be, please don't let each other down. Hey, I don't think lowly of the Chansidines. If disaster should strike, they might be one of those able and willing to leave. That is their prerogative. The guy don't seem like he need to serve or has ever served National Service. She claims that he is a B.O.O.B.S (Boyfriend Of Overseas Bonded Scholar). So she must be the overseas bonded scholar then? Or am I being presumptuous? I will not respected them any lesser just because they leave, that is if they are.

The education system bit? Well, Thomas L. Friedman got more good things to say....see here!

Friday, September 16, 2005

South Park Personalised

I figured the only chance I can get famous is by getting on South Park.
But since I am not Canadian, don't fart excessively, don't own an orange parka and most certainly don't own an over-sized head....this will do....


I like the t-shirt. Towelie. You wanna get high? Don't forget to bring a towel!

You can create your own South Park cartoon figure too! Please remember to include a link otherwise the creator will kill you. That's what it says.


Thursday, September 15, 2005


I have two invites tonight. I know this being a Thursday night and all.....

One is to the Heineken Green Room Sessions at Zouk. Hmm...might not be able to make it before it closes for renovation. Then I'll have to wait till October 21st. Wonder if the glitz is for the imminent competition down the river at Clark Quay. Afterall, Ministry of Sound isn't Centro. Their pockets are probably deeper. Then again, MOS Bangkok did close down didn't it?

thursday night I can't make it....

But damn, two exclusive (like real) invites and I can't make it for either. I hope they don't revoke my Green Room membership anytime soon. I feel rather bad asking for the passes and not being able to make it. And had to disappoint (not really lah, but I did say I will try to get there) pin about the theatreworks gallery post-party at 72-13. Pin was kind enough to get me on the guest list......

Check out the site. It is the new home for TheatreWorks Singapore and houses the International Centre of Asian Arts (ICAA) and Singapore's Creative Arts Nucleus (SCAN). Located at 72-13 Mohd. Sultan. Tonight is ambient chill out night (mellow) I think. But with my colourful ankle/foot....ain't gonna make it.

For those who are interested....the ink I had stepped on is spreading...shit, it's recovering slower than I had hope for. Now the other side of the ankle (instep) got some ink stains and because it had no where to go....some of the ink has gone to my toes...

ankle again check out the 2nd last toe....

I wasn't playing the "this little piggy went to market,...........and this little piggy went whee whee whee all the way home."

I gotta recover soon enough for work next week and more pressingly, for Separation 40 this Saturday....

Innuendos and double entendres

It all started with Daryl Sng's Blog.

He was saying how songs sometimes are tweaked, be it the title or lyrics, so that it can be played on radio or tv.

Recent examples are Black Eye Peas' Let's Get Retarded. That was changed to Let's Get It Started. Supposedly, the original title was rude to the actual retardees mentally-challenged cognitively-challenged.
James Blunt's You're Beautiful lyrics was also changed so that it was playable on MTV. Instead of "fucking high" it became "flying high".

Anyway, I can't get over Come On, Eileen by the Dexy Midnight Runners. It's now a bukkake song. Damn it. Narbeh....Now I've got figments of images of a JC schoolmate by that name seated in the middle of the school field.....bad thoughts.....really bad thoughts. urgh.

I've gotta transpose all those negative thoughts into something more constructive. Hey, having a sprained ankle gives me lotsa time to "transpose" you know?

I decided to come up with a list. Of songs with titles that are seemingly innocent but may have a negative effect on straying unused minds......idle minds are the devil's playground.

1. Over Protected - Britney Spears
This is when the guy wears two condoms. He first puts on the first condom, smear deep heat cream on his encapsulated "member", then put on the next condom. This way, if he feels the heat, the inner condom has broke.
If Britney feels the heat, then the outer condom has broke.

2. Look What You've Done - Jet
Damn, when you become pregnant, the unwilling dad-to-be will start blaming everyone else and not himself.
This could also be a song for the minute-man. While still in the foreplay stages, the man already stains his undies with his spermatoza pearl jam. Then you hear the lady sing this song.

3. Till I Get Over You - Michelle Branch
Michelle here likes it cowgirl style. We don't want to get in her way. Giddy-up?
cowgirl Yee Ha!

4. Like A Swallow - Stina Nordenstam
Well I didn't know.....Stina Nordenstam clearly don't spit. She likes a swallow. A million male fans give a collective sigh of contentment....

5. Baby Can I hold You - Tracy Chapman
Whe Tracy Chapman says this to you, I don't know if you should be happy or just hope she can be gentle. She looks burly. Sometimes.

6. Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell
Ménage à trois anyone? Seems like the only way to go for Mademoiselle Mitchell.

7. Come Together - The Beatles
Don't we all?

8. In The Waiting Line - Zero 7
What the guys in the Annabelle Chong GangBang were hearing piped over the PA. In between songs, fluffers come and go. *chuckles*
queue On their way to the World's Greatest GangBang!

9. So Hard - Pet Shop Boys
I wouldn't be surprise if Neil Tennant sings this to Chris Lowe all the time.

10. The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice
Damien here clearly is one who wants to 大小吃.
I hear they have such "special packages" in Amsterdam.

So there you go. I'm sure there are better ones. Tell Me!

Relax, just do it. When you gonna come? (always reminds me of Zoolander)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Google Blog

Ruok was commenting in Cowboy Caleb's blog about how he is "suddenly very afraid of Google....".

I agreed with him somewhat. Not afraid afraid but afraid you know? Haha....

So I did abit of work and googled google....

Guess what I found.

Google EVERYWHERE...I mean, it's like that cigarette stench that persists after a night out clubbing. After one hair wash, the smell still lingers....that type of EVERYWHERE.

Singaporeans are familiar with Google...comforting....when we need to know something, we just key in the keywords and click Google Search. And if we feel that the first site listed will be the site we want...we click I'm Feeling Lucky.
Comforting sight....

We feel happy that besides Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos, Excite, MSN, metacrawler, askjeeves, Google has joined the ranks of search engines to better our lives! Yippee!

On special occasions, Google will even decorate the site with festive themed animations. Wow! How thoughtful....

We all hear how Google has been poaching important staff from Microsoft...and we all know that Microsoft is bad.
Bad Microsoft!
Google good... =)

So there is balance of the force. I am sure even Yoda will approve.

Yup, Yoda approves.

But then Google's everywhere!

We know blogger is Google too....
Besides the standard Google search site, there's also
Google for
web accelerator...

I nearly found them in the 1000 year old virgin V@Gi|\|A!!! (I am not vulgar by's just figure of speech, albeit a rather crude one.)

But along the way....I found other interesting sites as well....such as Google Watch.
This is a site that targets Google. oh goodie. yawn.

But this one is really good! Google Fight. This site lets you key in search words and find out which of the search words get more hits. This is about the only time that I key in Little Fish versus Cowboy Caleb, Mr Brown, Xiaxue, Sarong Party Girl, I turn out the winner! Yippee.....but's not to my site.

As you can see, 1 week of Medical Leave at home has driven me to a) watch paint dry b) observe erosion on stones c) calculate the 10,000th digit for Π d) watch Animal Planet in the hopes that it will be useful one day, just like Chester Greenburg in Dude, Where's My Car? Hey, you never know....I'm Feeling Lucky!

Oh, the 10,000th digit for Π is 8 by the way.

This is rude...but so cute.


doesn't this like like somebody giving the "finger" on both hands and smiling away? I am quite sure this is not new. But it is new to me. Wahahahaha. wicked!

Nine Official Religions - amendment

This is an amendment. Made to a previous blog entry.

Reborn rightly pointed out that I got the sequence wrong. I wasn't sure in the first place. Thanks for the clarification.

Upon closer inspection......all is revealed! The tab-collar clergy shirt!

So the sequence should be Zoroastrian Sikh Muslim Christian Taoist Buddhist Bahá'í Jewish Hindu

And their corresponding religion would be Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Taoism, Buddhism, Bahá'í Faith, Judaism and Hinduism.

There are probably others, like Confucianism, Jehovah Witness, Unification Church not represented. heh...heh heh..
The other day we were talking about Jehovah Witness before we slept. We had came back the night before cause we had sailing the next morning. Turns out Jehovah Witnesses(??) have more limitations then we had thought. Not only can they not bear arms, they can't swear allegiance to State, sing Majulah Singapura (or any national anthem for that matter) and a slew of other stuff. And the rumour that some of them were put into detention barracks for refusing to go through National Service was true. Sing a Malay song and recite a few lines in English every morning in exchange for freedom from Mowbray Camp. Not bad a deal....but they believe strongly in it I guess...So it wasn't as simple as one of my colleagues saying that they could go through NS but serve in Civil Defence Force (SCDF). Hey, I don't know if Jehovah Witness is wrong or right. The Government dictates that Jehovah Witness and Unification Church are illegal. So we won't see any mass weddings anytime soon. There was a mass wedding incidentally last year 8 May 2004 organised by the SDS at the Esplanade but that was part of the Romancing Singapore drive/campaign.

I subscribe to the social and historical observation that all religions gotta start from a cult-like status. Imagine years ago when everybody was praying to a particular stone or tree then some wise ape decided to pray to the sun. Sure kena hantam. No offense to sun-worshippers at East Coast, Tanjong Beach, Fort Road Beach, Siloso Beach etc etc... Malays in this region must have kept dogs and ate wild boar many years ago and when the Arabs brought Islam to this region, they tend not to keep dogs as pets and for religious reasons, avoid pork. It must have been hard for the initial crossovers. It's like giving up man's best friend. In return for a higher calling I guess.

I'd better stop talking about religion. Last week after discussing about this....the following sailing was fraught with bad sea state, wet weather, breakfast that won't stay in stomach and getting to know the toilet bowl onboard far too well....
We got physically close during the last sailling.

res ipsa loquitur

Following Sprezzatura, I got another cool phrase.

Res ipsa loquitur - the thing speaks for itself.

I don't think the "thing" it is talking about is Rockson Tan's horse of Kenny's coconuts.

It's like when the evidence is obvious and warrants no further elaboration.

Anyway, speaking about Sprezzatura, Mr FJ Benjamin, how's my business idea about bringing in Thomas Pink? Please.....???

When will they stop?

Got this in my hotmail....i'm sure many did...

Auditing and accounting unit.
Foreign remittance dept.
United bank
for africa plc.
Abuja-Nigeria. (what the fuck?)


In order to transfer out (
Thirty-Two Million Dollars) from our
Bank here in Abuja-Nigeria. I have
the courage to look for a reliable
and Honest Person who will be
capable for this important business
Transaction,believing that you will
never let me down either now or
in Future. (haha...was it something I said? Why do you think so?)

I am Mr.Christain Obodo,the
auditor general of united bank for africa
plc.(UBA) (sure it is not United Bad Assmuthafucker?). The owner of this
account is mr Carlos M.Brown (Mr Brown? Is this Lee Kin Mun? It isn't funny anymore...) foreigner and
the Manager Of petrol
chemical service here in Abuja,a chemical
Proffession (spelling!!!!) and
he died since 1990. (poor Mr Brown) the account has no other beneficiary
And my
Investigation proved to me as well that his company does not
Anything About this account and the amount involved is

I want to transfer this money into a safe foreign account
abroad but i
Don't know any foreigner,i know that this message will
come to you as a
Surprise (roll eyes...) as we don't know our self before (what the fuck? is this some existential, post-modernist bullshit here? What do you mean "we don't know our self before"??) but be sure
that it is real
And A Genuine business. (the cow jumps over the moon, dish ran away with the spoon)

I believe in God that you will
never let me down in this investment.(ROTFLMHO)
at the conclusion of this
business,you will be giving 40% of the total (what the fuck? I be giving or be given? You seow boh?)
amount, 60% will be for me.
I look forward to your earliest reply by
email for more details Thanks.

Best regards

Mr Christain Obodo
Auditor General
United Bank for
Abuja. (Abracadabra and alla peanut butter sandwiches!)

When will they ever stop. I mean, c'mon, still got people fall for this type of things meh? But shit, what if this is all true?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Nine Official Religions

Ok, this has got nothing to do with the on-going Lin You and Xu Song Fa sedition thing.

I was looking at Singapore Idler's blog on the Commemoration at Kranji. I thought the 60th year anniversary of the end of World War II warrants far greater attention than the two guys going to court for talking about dogs in taxis and lousy photoshop skills.

One of the photos show the 9 religious leaders collectively saying a prayer for the glorious dead. I remember that during those Commissioning Parades at SAFTI MI, there were 9 religious leaders who would bless the newly commissioned officers. I hope this works. I am counting on it.

I cannot remember the 9 different religions. I'll rattle off the few I know: Taoism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Bahai.

Eh, that's 9 right? I do know! Haha, but what's Bahai?

So I did a check. First stop: Inter-Religious Organisation - Singapore.


Wow, goes to show how wrong I am.

This is official:
Hindu, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Bahá'í.
There's no Catholicism. I suppose it is combined with Christianity? And yes, it is Bahá'í and not Bahai.

Oh, guess what, the religious symbols are "trade marks". Heh heh...

all rights reserved

I'm familiar with the other religions but Bahá'í and Zoroaster, I am not familiar at all. I am pretty sure wikipedia can shed some light and I am correct. Read on and you can find links from Zoroaster to Nietzsche to Richard Strauss to Stanley Kubrick to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Sweet!

So looking at Singapore Idler's photo, I still can't quite figure out who's who....

But my take is that from left to right:

Christian Sikh Muslim Zoroastrian Taoist Buddhist Bahá'í Jewish Hindu

I can't decide between the Zoroastrian and the Bahá'í.


Monday, September 12, 2005

More to ssshushss

More Post Secrets typie thingies.

These are great!

Ooooo....I'm such a voyeur....

Find the link here: LINK

The Great Racist Blog

I have lived in Singapore pretty much all my life. Other than the 3 years I was away in York, I don't think I have been around much. Well, I was in Tekong for about 2 months. And onboard RSS Perseverance and RSS Excellence for another 2 months each when I was a midshipman. Both ships have retired from service.

I came back to Singapore in 2002 amidst the tudung brouhaha. I thought it was rather ridiculous having the almight Government step in on a minor issue like the wearing of tudung. Was the uproar warranted? I don't know. Was it subversive? I doubt it. But anyway, muslim kids who wish to attend regular schools which regular people like you and I attend are not to wear tudung. There are muslim schools or madrasahs for people who insist on wearing them. Usually not the kids, but their parents, the community. But we leave it there. Under the carpet.

Recently, a certain Dr Bernard Loo came down to base for a talk. Part of nationa education of somethign. He was babbling away when he let loose that he "had a dislike for the Chinese people in NTU because they spat everywhere". I put the above in parenthesis because I cannot for the life of me remember verbatim.

Then there was V, complaining about her immediate supervisor, and giving her various nicknames because of her skin colour (the supervisor, not V's).

Got me thinking. Are we racists or are we just very irritated by certain characteristics, behaviours, traits, customs, etc etc that are predominant in specific ethnic groups or nationalities.

How many are put off by the oily and smelly stains found on the windows of buses that ply along Serangoon Rd through Little India? I am very sure we all jump to the conclusion that it must have been a dozing Indian who left the stains there. We must have complained more than once or twice that the we don't like Indians because they are smelly.

See what I mean. We don't actually care if they are Indians. We object to their social presence because of their smell. Not bacause of their colour. The Indians and Pakistanis I study with in York didn't smell any worse than the rest of us. In fact, some of the continental Europeans smell worse. Something about their way of life and having not much time for baths or not enough water. Blah...

We typecast. That's what we are fond of doing. And probably unless we can stereotype people, put them into identifiable boxes, we won't be comfortable. We like to size people up so that they are in bite-size processable chunks instead of a mystery.
Indian men are drunkards who beat up their wives. If we put an Indian couple in an area with palmtrees, meadows and rolling hills, they will start playing hide-and-seek.
Malay girls screw around and become unwed mothers. Malay boys are either drug addicts or delinquents strumming guitars at the void deck.
Chinese men have small dicks. Only 1 in every 10 chinese girl will be able to fill a c-cup naturally.
Ang mohs will get drunk and stop taxis in the middle of the road (this is true actually). Ang mohs are more romantic (this could be true as well). Ang mohs are richer and superior and hence deserve better service, more attention and get their fucking way.
Actually, when I was back-packing in Vietnam, many of the hotel staff I chatted with said that the ang moh back packers are the poor ones. That's cause they are usually students.

I choose to believe that we are not racists. We will not hesitate to like or dislike another person. But that is not because of the person's skin colour. But because of the perceived social behaviour associated.

If a chinese ah pek stands next to me on the bus and he is smelly, he is equally disgusting as the smelly indian who smears his oily hair on the bus window.
If a drunk ah beng screams profanities at me, he is equally rude as the drunk ah moh who jump the taxi queue and got into my cab. Hey, in fact, I should think lowly of the cab driver as well.
If a malay man hits his wife, he is equally uncivilised as the indian man who bashes his wife.

So what is racism in singapore? Is there any particular class domination? I don't know. I went to schools that accept people of all class and race.

boys only

If my indian friend smells, I tell him like I would to my chinese friend.

I stepped on some ink

Mum said never to play with fountain pens and ink pad re-inkers. I never learnt my lessons......

Blue black
I can get rid of the's staining my right ankle....

Mum is right. Don't play with such stuff...Nowadays, pens aren't the only thing you shouldn't play with. Posting irresponsibly on your blog or forums will get you into deep shit. Ok, by deep shit I mean hauling your ass into court and not by being dumped into NEWater treatment plant.

There's been some news report on channel news asia about two bloggers being charged under the Sedition Act. got the link
mrbrown has it
cowboycaleb has it too! But cowboycaleb say that the internet being a public place, we should keep our mouths shut unless we got nice things to say. Hmm....I hope he was being sarcastic.

Anyway, this is the Sedition Act. LINK

I lifted this from the website:

A seditious tendency is a tendency —

(a) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the Government;

(b) to excite the citizens of Singapore or the residents in Singapore to attempt to procure in Singapore, the alteration, otherwise than by lawful means, of any matter as by law established;

(c) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the administration of justice in Singapore;

(d) to raise discontent or disaffection amongst the citizens of Singapore or the residents in Singapore;

(e) to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore.

But there are redeeming factors....

Notwithstanding subsection (1), any act, speech, words, publication or other thing shall not be deemed to be seditious by reason only that it has a tendency —

(a) to show that the Government has been misled or mistaken in any of its measures;

(b) to point out errors or defects in the Government or the Constitution as by law established or in legislation or in the administration of justice with a view to the remedying of such errors or defects;

(c) to persuade the citizens of Singapore or the residents in Singapore to attempt to procure by lawful means the alteration of any matter in Singapore; or

(d) to point out, with a view to their removal, any matters producing or having a tendency to produce feelings of ill-will and enmity between different races or classes of the population of Singapore,

if such act, speech, words, publication or other thing has not otherwise in fact a seditious tendency.

So good......we can "advise" the Government. It's capital G leh. Mai siao siao. Like when in bible, they write God, He, Him all in caps.
Anyway, the two guys sure kena part (e) of the seditious tendency subsection. Xiaxue, her sailor's mouth and her blog about her ugly trip to KL won't be under the Sedition Act.

I have a personal take on racism in Singapore. Won't blog about it as yet. But I genuinely believe that Singaporeans in general are not racist. Those who claim that they are, well, chances are, they just have a great dislike for certain behaviours, traits, characteristics in people. Colour don't matter much too Singaporeans. If it is, I should be rather worried. My ankle's blue black right now.