Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A song a day 20

I'm betting my life
That it all rewinds and erases

Do I have the right
To receive god's eternal graces?

I know, I may sound disturbed
I know...

But I have this feeling that
None of this matters

I know
, I may sound disturbed
I know...

But I keep on thinking that
Accidents happen

Prophecies that show
Life's worth living

The tragedies we know

How long must I wait
To be happy?

Is it fate or faith
That will save me?

I know...

(who would have thought Hybrid would be featured in a song a day?)

Rafidah is from South Carolina

In this entry, I will link Unity Resource Group / Blackwater USA with other Singapore-registered companies with Myanmar with Miss Teen USA South Carolina (youtube her please) and how Rafidah, Malaysia's trade minister is actually from South Carolina.

Unity Resource Group - a Dubai-based, Australian-run and Singapore-registered company is under a certain amount of heat following the killing of a number of civilians in Iraq.

This company "is a provider of consulting, training and critical support services to organizations that need to operate in the world's most complex and unpredictable environments".

Unity Resource Group is a private military corporation similar to Blackwater USA. Not to be confused with Blackstone Group.
The above is the current company logo for Blackwater. The change follows the September 16 massacre carried out by members of their "services", spraying bullets in Baghdad. The current logo is less offensive because it is not so blindingly obvious showing an animal paw caught in the cross-hair. Previously it looked like this:

Wow, the change was radical! The new version looks like an italicised version of the old.

Back to dubious companies registered in Singapore, previously I was highlighted Pavo Trading Pte Ltd, Air Bagan Holdings Pte Ltd and Htoo Wood Products Pte Ltd under a certain Mr Tay Za. These companies were also recently in international limelight after being sanctioned by the US government following the western media dubbed "Myanmar Crisis". I've seen a number of people on FaceBook supporting the stop the Myanmar killings cause.

How radical as well! I wonder how Miss Teen USA South Carolina will answer the question "The killings in Myanmar are bad, why do you think this is?" She's the sort who will ask you what's the number to call when you shout, "Somebody call 911!".

Her replied would be something like, "Erm, I personally believe why the killings in Myanmar is bad is the reason why this is is because there are so many killings and killing somebody, even if they are not Americans or blonde and blue-eyed like me, is not very nice. Such as in South Africa, in the middle east and Iraq and everywhere as such as so many killings and I am so dumb..... and the Asian countries so that us Americans, we are able to build our future for our children. Is my eyelash drooping?"

Talking about Myanmar, remember Malaysia Trade Minister Rafidah Aziz? She was famous sometime ago for the tussle she had with Mahatir. She's been Malaysia's trade minister since 1986. Not bad. Embroiled in several corruption allegations including the import of cars and Approved Permits. I'm quite sure many remember the woman minister who cried in public after hugging Mahatir. She said because she "felt close to him". Of course, a hug requires you to be close. Not khalwat meh? Oh well. she is:

Guess what, it turns out that Rafidah is from South Carolina. She said China was also censured by the international community when its army cracked down on pro-democracy demonstrators at Tiananmen Square in 1989. But foreign investors now flock to its shores.

"Today, the same people who condemned China are now crawling into China to kiss their hands and feet to get business opportunities and to be friends with China because there are billions of dollars to be made," Rafidah said.

"The same guys are now learning Chinese," she said. "The Chinese must be laughing."

Rafidah, the most senior trade minister in ASEAN and its most outspoken, said such "political hypocrisies" must be kept out and called for a friendlier approach toward Myanmar, rather than isolating it.

"If the FTA is good for the business community, let's have it," she was quoted as saying.

"Talk to them (Myanmar). Eventually they will open up like China and then everybody will crawl to Myanmar because there are a lot of resources there (and then) kiss the Myanmar's hands," she said.

She may sound ridiculous, but she does make some sense. Somewhere. It could have been more elegant. I suspect it is the sun in South Carolina. Or is it Petaling Jaya?

ZoukOut 07

Can people who are interested in ZoukOut 07 happening on 8 Dec 07 please leave a comment or email me. I need to book lodging.....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The state I am in

So I gave myself to god
There was a pregnant pause before he said ok
Now I spend my days turning tables round in Marks & Spencers
They don't seem to mind

I gave myself to sin
I gave myself to providence
And I've been there and back again
The state that I am in

Oh love of mine, would you condescend to help me
Cause I'm stupid and blind
Desperation is the devil's work, it is the folly of a boy's empty mind
Now I'm feeling dangerous, riding on city buses for a hobby is sad
Lead me to a living end


Nobody ever promised me an easy life. But nobody warned me about growing up either.
Growing up is not growing old. I can help prevent myself from getting jaded and world-weary.

But I cannot do anything to stop myself from learning the lessons that are laid so bare before me.

That is growing up.

I played with friends along the corridor when I was young, never had we imagined where we'd be in 10, 20 years time. He had wanted to be a doctor. He probably is now. I only wanted his MASK Gator which was going for $19.90 at the toy shop situated 5 minutes away. Dusty Hayes and his "Backlash" power was so cool. Ahead of my time.

I didn't even ask mum if I could have the money for it because I knew what she would say. Something about studying hard so that I can afford them for myself later. I think I can buy about a dozen of those now and have more than enough for 3 square meals a day.

The toy shop is still 5 minutes away.

But I can't find MASK Gator anywhere in the shop now.

Time has an impossibly magical effect in that time can shrink the memories that we have and magnify the world we live in. As I grew older, the world grew smaller then it started growing bigger and now the world I live in stretches across multiple time-zones. The things I grew up with, the places, the faces and other familiarities, the memories of them dilute with time.

Yet revisiting all these things fail to cheer a disconsolate heart.

With nothing concrete to hold onto and nobody constant to hold me down, it is easy to get lost in a world where memories count for not very much, and grows at an alarming rate. Although time-zones do merge into a giant networked masquerade party but the party never ends and masks are seldom shed. Nobody actually arrives and you can't keep track who has left.

Years fade by and you stop looking back to see what you've done. Instead, you look ahead eagerly, a little apprehensive perhaps, of what you might lose. You worry about that chance you might have let slipped by while the ice in your tea melts. Nevermind not being able to enjoy the sunset, there is always another one tomorrow. You just can't stop thinking ahead. You know you can be just as happy seeing a photo of a sunset. Nobody needs to be there to experience one.

You stop growing up and start growing old.

The colours that painted the world before you fades to grey. You console yourself by saying you always preferred the world in shades of grey anyway. You don't think you've degenerated. You've only changed.

I hope I can find a time for myself when I can no longer worry about a future perfect. The present will be pleasant enough for me to remember fondly come the next moment.

That I can feel happy with just the sensation of being warmed up by the sun after sitting in a terribly cold room. That I can smile because I am freshened up by the cool air after a thunderstorm. That I will appreciate the little things that occur not because I can control it but because I did not take them for granted.

Then I will never grow old.

A song a day 19

How can you always be late for your arrival?
You know I'd forgive you every single time

In the end all you can hope for
Is the love you felt to equal the pain you've gone through

Are your eyes showing off for mine
Your face in my hands is everything good I need

Bones, starved of flesh
Surround your aching heart
Full of love

I am loving.....

hands up those who like my msn nick:

I write because talk is cheap but prose is at a bargain.

Calling all fans of Audrey Kawasaki

This is one of the best time to get one of her prints. Normally her prints run to 100, maybe 200 for some prints and cost between USD$35 to USD$200 for the bigger ones. Mizuame will be a "time limited edition". For most of her fans, it's not about the limited edition prints of her artwork. It's the simple pleasure of showing appreciation for her art and actually getting to keep one because the last print she released was sold out in the first minute. At more than USD$110 a pop, yeah, it's not an every day purchase.

But it is so beautiful! Another artwork for the wall of my imaginary home. Now I have to look for an actual home. And someone who don't mind such stuff too much to live with.

The orders that go through between 3 - 4pm Pacific Time on 3 Nov 07, that's 6am in the morning of 4 Nov 07, will all be valid.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Funny Time Of Year, this October

Funny Time Of Year

These silent words of conversation
Hold me now this adulation
See me now

Oh it's easy now

Falling like a silent paper
Holding on to what may be

And I only hear
Only hear the rain

And many rains turn to rivers

Winter's here
And there ain't nothing gonna change
The winds are blowing telling me all I hear

Oh it's a funny time of year
There'll be no blossom on the trees

Turning now I see no reason
The voice of love so out of season
I need you now
But you can't see me now

I'm traveling with no destination
Still hanging on to what may be

It's a funny time of year

I can see there'll be no blossom on the trees
And time spent crying has taken me in this year

Oh it's a funny time of year
There'll be no blossom on the trees

Falling like a silent paper
Holding on to what may be
It's a funny time of year

I can see
There'll be no blossom on the trees
And time spent crying has taken me in this year

It's a funny time of year
I can see no blossom no blossom on the trees

Beth Gibbons & Rustin' Man

A song a day 18

“My Wandering Days Are Over” was written about the completion of Belle & Sebastian. Stuart Murdoch spent much time finding the right mix of people to make up his band. Stevie Jackson, Richard Colburn, Chris Geddes and Stuart David made up Murdoch's backing band, but it wasn't until new years 1996 that he met Isobel Campbell and the band was complete… for the time. Eventually, Stuart David and Isobel Campbell would leave the band, and Sarah Martin, Mick Cooke and Bobby Kildea would join. With “My Wandering Days Are Over,” Murdoch sings about “hitting the drums for the final time” and letting his new bandmates help form his image. It wasn't until after the band's second release however that those members had a distinctive voice to the listener.

You know my wandering days are over
Does that mean that I'm getting boring?
You tell me

I'm tired of listening to myself now
I'm tired of fixing things for Mykel and the rest of them

You know my bip-bopping days are over
I hung my boots up and then retired from the disco floor
Now the centre of my so-called being is the space between your bed and wardrobe with the louvre doors

I said, "My celibate days are over"
You put me straight on the finer points of my speech rehearsed
In the mirror of my steamy bathroom where the lino tells a sorry story in a monologue

Six months on, the winter's gone
The disenchanted pony left the town with the circus boy
The circus boy got lonely
It's summer and it's sister song's been written for the lonely

The circus boy is feeling melancholy

It's got to be fate that's doing it
A spooky witch in a sexy dress has been bugging me
With the story of the way it should be
With the story of Sebastian and Belle the singer

I said, "My one man band is over"
I hit the drum for the final time and I walked away
I saw you in Japanese restaurant
You were doing it for business men on the piano, Belle

You said it was a living hell
You said that it was hell

Sunday, October 28, 2007


The most ordinary of words can join up to form something rather extraordinary. Postpositions most unkind.


Ten spiders crawl on my walls

I guess that's all

It's just an ordinary day

I don't know when we'll meet again
I guess it'll be in an ordinary place

If my heart breaks will you pick it up and put it in a plastic box
If my heart fails will you set it straight

Will you be there if I called
I still got you on speed dial

So beautiful
The lines you drawn

And the lights that makes up your ordinary face

Through the tears and into the night
Through this life in an ordinary way

If my heart breaks will you pick it up and put it in a plastic box
If my heart fails will you set it straight

Will you be there if I called
I still got you on speed dial

Grand Avenue

Friday, October 26, 2007

Bedok North Blk 85

Twice I was there this week.

Met with almost the same group of colleagues/friends/peers...but each with a different purpose.

Ship is finally breathing her last few mouthful of air before the last of us carry on in other units. It's a little weird not feeling much about it. Perhaps because haven't really sat down to think what was achieved, what was sacrificed and ultimately what had become of us.

I saw a girl who was absolutely flapping mad at the hawker centre as well. I can now understand why angry girls can look rather attractive. Not that they are "pretty" sorta attractive but the "get you attention" type of attractive. She was just gobbling down whoever was on the line. Scary, fearsome and ooooh-so-attractive.

A song a day 17

With a palm full of stars
I throw them like dice
I shake them like dice
And throw them on the table

Until the desired constellation appears

And I ask myself:

How am I going to make it right?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm not sure if it's allowed

Camera phones cannot be brought into SAF camps. Probably cannot blog about SAF that much. At least nothing about the juicy stuff like the new super secretive invisible recon aircraft ala Wonder Woman.

What about blogging from SAF camps?

Btw, I'm not in a SAF camp.

Hindi People

Everybody better be liking this no?

She came from Kent her name was Lucy Parker
Her skin was white but she prefered it darker
That’s why I, caught her eye
We met at York she was a first year student
She wore a sari cause she thought it prudent, I thought fine
And then in 30 seconds time she said
I want to live like Hindi people
I want to do what ever Hindi people do
I want to sleep with Hindi people
I want to sleep with Hindi people like you
Well what else could I do, I smiled and said ‘Do you want a vindaloo?’

I said I’d find a groovy gig and take her
I like the Verve but she said Kula Shaker their musics' tops
Just like Cornershops
She said "I wanna live like Hindi people
I wanna eat whatever Hindi people eat
I want to dress like the Hindi people
I want to wear mendhi on my feet
But she didn’t understand
You just painted on your hand!

Comb your hair and be polite
Do your homework every night
Don’t smoke fags and don’t play pool
Do extremely well at school
Take a medical degree,
Graduate at thirty-three
Move back in with mom and dad,
Even though they drive you raving mad…you sure
You wanna live like Hindi people
You wanna see whatever Hindi people see
You wanna live with Hindi people
You wanna watch your films on c-tv
But you’ll never comprehend cause for you it’s just a trend
Dressing up like the Hindi people
In your favourite Giorgio Selvaar
Dancing round with the Hindi people
Telling me that you want to learn sitar
But you’ll never score with me cause I was born in Coventry


Oh yeah!

Youtube from Goodness Gracious Me! Posted in response to beingwarm's blog entry....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How To Be Dead - geddit?

Let's say you decide to write a song about a massive shout-fest with your girlfriend. You outed all the words you and her said to each other. You know if she finds out she is going to kill you.

What would you name the song?

How To Be Dead - Snow Patrol

Please don't go crazy, if I tell you the truth

No you don't know what happened and you never will
If you don't listen to me while I talk to the wall

This blanket is freezing, it's been out in the hall where you've had me for hours

Till I'm sure what I want

But darling I want the same thing that I wanted before
So sweetheart tell me what's up I won't ... ...

Stop! No way!

Please keep your hands down and stop raising your voice

It's hardly what I'd be doing if you gave me a choice

It's a simple suggestion can you give me sometime so just say yes or no

Why can't you shoulder the blame?

Cause both my shoulders are heavy from the weight of us both

You're a big boy now so let's not talk about growth

You've not heard a single word I have said ... ...

Oh, my God!

Please take it easy it can't all be my fault

I haven't made half the mistakes that you've listed so far

Oh baby let me explain something
It's all down to drugs
At least I remember taking them ... ...

And not a lot else!

It seems I've stepped over lines you've drawn again and again
But if the ecstasy's in the wit is definitely out
Dr. Jekyll is wrestling Hyde for my pride

Blue: Boy (pathetic)
Red: Girl (sarcastic)

A song a day 16

Roads are getting nearer

We cover distance
t o g e t h e r

If I am the storm
If I am the wonder

Will I have
sudden explosions

There is no room where I can go
And you've got secrets too

I don't know what more to ask for
I was given just one wish

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


To have Myanmar within ASEAN was always controversial.

Following new US sanctions on Myanmar, Singapore is also implicated as 3 companies - Pavo Trading Pte Ltd, Air Bagan Holdings Pte Ltd and Htoo Wood Products Pte Ltd under a certain Mr Tay Za who is a close associate to the ruling military junta, are registered or linked to Singapore.

It is no wonder that around the time of the new sanctions announced by dubya Bush, including another 4 companies with no relation to Singapore, Foreign Minister started visiting the Burmese Buddhist Temple along Balestier Rd and starting issuing statements.

Internationally, Singapore is also getting alot of flak for treating General Than Shwe in one of the top hospitals here. Can also remember that youtube videos of his daughter's wedding was leaked and caused much ruckus because of the opulence given the dismal state of the country. And rumour has it that Singapore is very much involved in a slew of "indiscretion" in terms of drugs and money laundering....

But I'm not into that.

Personally, moral suasion could be the best way to nudge Myanmar towards democracy. Inclusion is better than isolation. On what grounds can a nation, regional or international group influence Myanmar if sanctions and embargoes are the way to "break down barriers". Sanctions are ineffective unless a total blockade is in place. Western sanctions are Asian gains.

Coordinated actions within the immediate region will greatly aid this nudge.

Introducing imported education would be a way to plant seeds of sustained evolution within the nation. I can understand why Japan is considering reducing aid to the country following the death of Kenji Nagai but do not understand why they should consider reducing any form of grants or aids that can benefit the country as a whole and not the military junta. Education grants and money aids for schools for example. The future leaders should be educated so as to allow change to happen from within.

Witness the introduction of democracy in Iraq. Imported democracy is dangerous and disruptive. Not to mention often unwelcomed. There should be an anti-dumping law on imported democracy. Democracy, when dumped illegally in another economy, can have the same effects as any other commodity. It causes market distortion, hardship to the locals producers and eventually the consumers, bad for the country in the long run and eventually weakens the economy to a state where it becomes vulnerable.

Penal Code - Gender Biasness

MP Charles Chong hit the nail when he said the Penal Code should abolish ridiculous gender biasness.

It is against the law for a man to entice a married woman away from her husband. However, a woman who does the same to a married man, which is more often the case, contends Charles, commits no offence.

Likewise for Section 377a. Lesbians who do the "scissors" with each other should be as illegal as any form gross indecency committed between two men.

Maybe because lesbians' indecency are not considered "gross".

Lesbian porn sells better than gay porn - I think. And more fantasies revolve around two females and one male as oppose to two males and one female.

Before Phuket 2

Yawning at 5plus in the morning...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Domo Kun!


If there is anybody out there who can get official merchandise from NHK or point me to the right direction....gimme a shout!

A song a day 15

Even through the darkest phase
Be it thick or thin
Always someone marches brave
Here beneath my skin

Constant craving
Has always been

Maybe a great magnet pulls
All souls towards truth
Or maybe it is life itself
That feeds wisdom
To its youth

The Ice Man cometh

Let's see, how can we let Kimi Raikkonen win this year after being the runner up for the last two years.

After some mathematics, wheelin' and dealin', whole lotta hoopla and much publicity.....

Raikkonen, Alonso and Hamilton will go into Brazil Grand Prix with a 3-way fight.

  • Raikkonen gotta finish 1st or 2nd - Check! (Kimi finished 1st ahead of Massa who was in pole position, same as last year but instead finished in 2nd place this year. When was the last time the leader failed to win the race?)
  • Alonso must not finish higher than 3rd - Check! (Capitalised on a first corner mistake by Hamilton and his faulty gearbox that locked in neutral)
  • Hamilton must finish 6th or lower - Check! (How is it that a purebred can miscue on the first corner and then conveniently suffer a gearbox problem for a turn? The McLaren team had the most reliable car throughout this season.)

When the F1 comes into town next year for the Singapore Grand Prix, it could be the most scripted form of entertainment in Singapore, after TCS Channel 8 dramas and wrestling.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stupid jokes

I told a stupid Jay Chou joke about why he was caught by the police even though he waited for the traffic lights to show the green man before crossing the road...not to be repeated.

I'm so bored and hostile, I think I will go kill time.

Plump DJs @MOS and TAB @Zouk

Talk about club crawl.

Was with fullscreamriot,murderfreak, kelvinT, bento, bento's gf melissa, two other girlies of kelvinT at MOS for the Plump DJs gig. Helping them take some shots....while FSR and MFS interviewed and film it down for breakinasia.

FullScreamRiot giving his usual impression of Eric Khoo .....

Jolene or Jolin?? MurderFreak Shion, Eileen or Irene?? Kelvin T

The plumpers....Andy Gardner on left and Lee Rous on the right in the MOS smoking room.

Tony Tay, taking a break from TAB @Zouk held at the same time. He's catching up with the plumpers as well

Lulu's sister....

I might not have mentioned this but it should be common sense that Miss Orh Lulu has sisters and brothers.

Her younger sister paid her a visit this evening. Will show pics soon.

Lessson learnt here is that you cannot have two bitches in a kitchen.

They will just go at each other.


As promised, pics of Lulu and her younger sister Xiao Bu Dian - 小不点:

Once left alone, xbd starts looking for her Jiayi jie jie who is the daughter of my dad's friend. Lulu won't even let her near the make-shift fence my mum created at the entrance to the kitchen.

When xbd finally gets to mount the fence, lulu tries to drag her down. Not very successful as you can see.

Mumsy tried to hold them together for a sisterly portrait but as you can see, Lulu is still trying to paw xbd. Wah lau eh.....

A close-up shot of xbd....kawaii too!

Hope the pics can chase everybody's Monday Blues away! Holler to those in and out country.


Ok ok, so Albus Dumbledore is a nancy boy who had the hots for Grindelwald. BFD....

The question to ask is, WWDD, ie. What Would Dumbledore Do?

Will he sign the damn Repeal Section 377a petition or not?

Covering Plump DJs

Lost my Tamron 77mm lens cap. Now need to get replacements. Not sure if there's any place selling these stuff....Hopefully not gonna crater my pocket. Anything less than $10 is great. Less than $5 would be a bonus....

Covered Plump DJs at MOS tonight with breakinasia. Not too bad. Quite fun...probably can do it again in future covering other DJs. But got to get over my shyness of asking groups to have their photos taken by's not natural to me wor....sigh..........

Pics to follow.....

Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Cue music!" shouted the director

And as if by magic, the song started playing in the background.

I could hang about and burn my fingers
I've been hanging out here waiting for something to start
You think I'm faultless to a 'T'
My manner set impeccably
But underneath I am the same as you

I could dance all night like I'm a soul boy
But you know I'd rather drag myself across the dance floor
I feel like dancing on my own
Where no one knows me, and where I
Can cause offence just by the way I look

And when I come to blows
When I am numbering my foes
Just hope that you are on my side, my dear

But it's best to finish as it started
With my face head down just staring at the brown formica
It's safer not to look around
I can't hide my feelings from you now
There's too much love to go around these days

You say I've got another face
That's not a fault of mine these days
I'm brutal, honest and afraid of you

It's safer not to look around
There's no have I feelings for you now
There's too much love to go around these days

You say I've got another face
That's not a fault of mine these days
I'm honest, brutal and afraid of you

~ There's Too Much Love
Belle and Sebastian

A Pale VIew Of Hills

Finished reading the book in a single sitting from morning till evening while I was in Phuket.

Was discussing the book with Jados. Telling her that the book was like umami.

So tasty but just cannot explicitly describe it. Yet when it is gone, the taste seem so transient as if it was never there.

Was contemplating the main themes of the book. I suppose the book was trying to link the parallels and opposites of the characters and their experiences. As well as the changing of the Japanese psyche of "obligations", especially in the relationship between the first husband and the father-in-law of the narrator, Etsuko.

It is possible that Sachiko's life after leaving for America is paralleled by Etsuko's life after moving to England. There are opposites too in terms of the type of husband each of the women had in their first and second marriage. The drunkard American 2nd husband of Sachiko reminded me of another character in another of Kazuo's novel - Sir Cecil of When We Were Orphans. But then again, Sachiko reminded me of Miss Sarah Hemmings anyway.

This probably won't make much sense to you unless you have read the books.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Section 377a

Any male person who, in public or private, commits, or abets the commission of, or procures or attempts to procure the commission by any male person of, any act of gross indecency with another male person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years.

There is so much talk about this repeal 377a and keep 377a that there are rival websites, each petitioning for their cause.

Why is this being politicised? Is it necessary that it be brought to parliament?

My take? This "to repeal or not to repeal Section 377a" is socially divisive. It is not merely about lifestyle choices. It is not about equal rights.

Public discussions are good. More voices heard would be better. I have this feeling the group supporting the repeal are the minority. Likewise, those who are vehemently against the repeal don't form the majority as well. Most people, I believe, are generally apathetic. But when asked, they will respond.

I would like to think further that half of Singaporeans don't mind having Section 377a repealed. Or don't care. In fact, a sizeable number don't mind homosexuals and gays. They just don't want them at their own home or happening to their own kids.

Anyway, I think Section 377a should be revised, not repealed. If it is to stay, females must be included in the rule, not just males. Why should scissor sisters get all the fun legally while nancy boys have to run from the law.

Sunsets at Karon - rehashed

Sunsets at Karon

Monday, October 15, 2007

Same 1st meal

Am at some restoran along Karon beach. Waiting for my fried chicken with sweet basil and rice. Same first meal I had last year. But this time there is gprs. much am I paying to blog....

My holiday

In another 7 hours or so, I should be on a plane to Phuket. Should be because I am considering that the flight is not delayed. Actually, I'm also trying to remember if I did actually buy the tickets for the trip. I definitely have the hotel booking. I also bought travel insurance from Tiger Airways. But I can't seem to remember my confirmation number so cannot view my itinerary.

Which is awful.

But that is not the only awful thing.

I am taking a temporary hiatus from this blog. Lulu can't guest-blog yet.

Goodbye cruel blogosphere.

I leave you with a song......

"If you want to know what makes me sad
Well it's hope, the endurance of faith
A battle that lasts a lifetime
A fight that never ends"

- SRXT, Bloc Party.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

How to show de-

Decided to rename a series of blogs.

How to show de-

Tanya Chua's new song - support local!


Back 2 Phuture

Phuture these days stinks.



Al Gore for Prez


Politics may not be the most useful platform on which to move his cause forward. It is only a legislative driver.

He will do it much better by garnering the support he already possess, strengthening further through publicity from winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

He can work with all sides of the political framework, prevent possible narrowing of support because he is a Democrat. Certain industrial leaders, particularly those who will be able to create the biggest impact, are Republicans.

He will be 64 in 2012. Still a good age for President. Give another 5 years, the mess in Iraq will hopefully be resolved. A Democrat President winning the next US Presidential elections seems to be the current hot bet. International relationships should be on the mend. Perennial problems with "axis of evil" countries should be better managed.

By 2012, the US Presidential elections will probably be fought on mixture of issues including sustained economic growth for US with emergent markets maturing, efficacious use of natural resources vis-a-vis cleaner technology and increased reliance on renewable energy resources, global effort in eco-system care and conservation.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

kanye west - taking notes from justin timberlake

Let's take a closer look at Kanye West in 2007.

He's got his new album Graduation out. Check out the cover art. The way the cartoon figures' eyes are drawn, you will know that it's by Takashi Murakami.

Fans of LV bags will know Murakami as the designer of a series of bags featuring his trademark artwork as well as introducing colours to the monogram design.

Clubbers who bother will also see a series of original prints by the artist as they walk into Velvet Underground. The entire album's art direction is by Murakami, including the singles. Will check them out online.

I saw his video for the single Stronger which features Daft Punk as well as sampling of the latter's Bigger Harder Stronger Faster. The video itself "samples" scenes from the anime classic Akira. It's quite blatant. Not sure if permission was sought.

Youtube here.

Daft Punk has already "been there done that" in terms of using anime for MTVs. UNKLE as well. It's really interesting because it's like some hybrid of cultures. Anime is mainly a Japanese product that has entertained kids all over the world. I found myself talking to French uni mates about Doraemon and Gatchaman prevously. And I have seen with my own eyes Doraemon speaking Spanish on TV.

So with this album, Kanye West mixes so many cultures together. I am pretty sure he will release official merchandise featuring artwork by Murakami. It's obvious. And it makes business sense. Kanye dabbles into the dance music scene, the art scene, the anime scene and what other scenes, I am not sure. He is already a credible R&B artist and by collaborating with all these other fine artists, it is really awesome. The last time Justin Timberlake mixes superior fashion sense, slick dance moves with fantastic R&B tunes, his success was secured. He did more of the same with his second album which I think I should be getting.

See any similarity between Takashi Murakami's 2004 Homage to Francis Bacon (Study of Isabella Rawsthorne) - (above) and the coverart for Kanye West's Graduation?

Fook It

I'm kinda looking forward to my Phuket trip. Second visit that is timed to coincide with the Vegetarian Fesival.

Quite glad that I'll be staying away from Patong Beach this time around. Gonna be at Karon Beach instead.

Don't think I'll be going for the "James Bond Island" type of tours this time around. Probably plan a day to Phuket Town itself for a photography sesh. The rest of the time, thinking I should go do some runs to maintain fitness. Eat plenty of street food...spend time at the beach, try and finish a book or two.

Mainly, to switch my phone off, no internet and no "Sir, on behalf of XXX bank, we would like to offer you XXX". And also to prevent accidental reception of numbers starting with 65-

A song a day 14

Lips round the bottleneck
Soon you're gonna forget
Each and every regret
And let your dreams set sail.

Inside we're feeling warm
Ready for any storm
We ain't got our weatherproofs on
But we're feeling strong.

Everything's fading fast
Forget about the past
Through the bottom of the glass
The world looks far away

Friday, October 12, 2007


Cause I couldn't care less.

New music

I bought 4 albums just now. Two by Nick Drake, another was the third album by The Perishers and this relatively new band called Grand Avenue. Grand Avenue is Danish. Like Kjeldsen Butter Cookies. But they sound like The Editors. Guys, please check them out...all killer no filler type of album.

The Perishers' latest is a marginal improvement in terms of range over their last effort. Although I said marginal, their previous album was on heavy rotation in my iPod.

Nick Drake....damn, I must admit, I still dare not touch his debut album, Five Leaves Left. I am afraid I'd just OD on panadol after listening to it. So I actually worked upwards....I started with Pink Moon, then now Bryter Layter....along the way, I also had Made to Love Magic and this Family Tree compilation of sorts.

One day I will buy Five Leaves Left.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

'Tis gone, 'tis gone....

I ask a friend today, what sort of a person does he think he is. The sort who will trust a person first and until such time the trust is breached, he will continue to trust. Or is he the sort who will not trust a person and it is only when it is proven with time that he will learn to trust.

Damn, it's difficult to express the above in English. It was much easier this afternoon when I was using Singlish syntax with clarity enhanced by Chinese words.

Over the past months, events at work made me think about myself. I realised that even though I don't bring work home to do anymore, I can't seem to leave it in my workplace.

The month that past was one of the worst. Not just in terms of sailing and stuff. It was emotionally draining. Mentally exhausting and ultimately, spirit crushing.

I worry about the day when I will become so paranoid and wary of people that I can no longer learn to smile and be genuine.

Scrabble again

Just how close was the game of Scrabble I played with Delwyn - whom I've always thought would one day rule the world in a very sinister manner?

When I cleared my last remaining 4 tiles of N,O,T and E and placed them on the top right corner for EYES/NOTER, I thought that would have been my best fight....and indeed it was. But not enough to overcome his 313.

I got 312.

I have a word for Delwyn. It is found at the bottom left of the board.

KNNBCCB! Ok, that was petty. But still......!!

And I hope nobody is going to ask if two-lettered words like JO, NA, XI, EX, KI and whatever else are valid words.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A song a day 13

Angel, don't take those sleeping pills
You don't need them
Though it's just time they kill
Angel, give me your sleeping pills
You don't need them
Give me the time they kill

You're a water sign
I'm an air sign
Gone gone to Valium, can you get me some?
You're a water sign
And I'm an air sign
Too Siamese to catch the leaves from those trees

Lulu Attack!

She's really smart! She knows where she is allowed to poop and pee at the grand old age of 5 weeks! Well, almost. Half the time, we have to clean up after her....

She sleeps half the time I am at home. She's finally settled in on the make-shift basket we have made for her. Comfy enough for now.....till she gets bigger.

She's super sly too! Watch below as she lies low ready to pounce on me......

At the opportune moment, she runs forward......but because her legs aren't exactly developed fully yet, isn't fast at all, and grabs my hand!

She's just teething and like a baby, needs to chew on stuff. It's no painful.

It's a great feeling! Having this little baby to look forward to at the end of the day of working with people.

People can be a real bitch sometimes.....

*lousy pictures! I gotta learn how to quickly focus and shoot*

Monday, October 08, 2007

A song a day 12

They call her name at 7:30 I pace around the parking lot Then I walk down to buy her flowers and sell some gifts that I got Can't you see it's not me you're dying for Now she's feeling more alone than she ever has before She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly


A free mind is seldom free from shackles. A mind finds freedom troubling.

It feels handicapped without expectations. Without the social norms and mores.

No parameters. No out-of-bound markers.

There is no boundary to breach. No fine line to tread. No cows too sacred to kill.

It starts to ask, "Who will set the rules?"

To question. "Why is there no precedent?"

It hesitates.

Everything starts on a blank page. No blueprint to follow.

The mind starts defining what freedom constitutes.

Then freedom fails.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The meaning of "A song a day ✗"

Haha, I cannot deny that the posts made under the label "a song a day" is always incomplete. And more often than not, there is an air of sombreness. A sense of pining. Something that invokes melancholia.

It is incomplete because that's how I am. And how I like it.

If I should stumble across a blog entry that kinda resemble a prose poem or lyrics, unaccompanied with sentences that feebly and inadequately try to explain, my curiosity will be piqued. I'd probably run a search on Google. And if the words are indeed lyrics of a song and I liked the lyrics enough, I will definitely want to listen to the song.

I notice poofie doing that rather often these days too haha...

The lyrics are not always from sad, sad songs. And often it is how you choose to interpret it.

For example, "a song a day 11" is Naked As We Came by Iron & Wine. It is such a lovely song painting a scene of a husband and wife, waking up in each others' arms, talking about their future together. A little morbid perhaps but still very romantic in a very private manner.

Everybody loves Eleanor Rigby

All the lonely people, where do they come from?
All the lonely people, where do they all belong?

No drums, no guitars, no bass.
Perfect pop moment.