Friday, June 03, 2005


Here is where it all began......

Before I was tomorrow-ed, I hinted to mr brown about "the powers that be" that were watching him. I believe he has finally picked up on the clues and starting to scratch the surface.

Go on, create more traffic. Please go ahead and start all your memes. You can have the super pow ka leow meme by big fuck. It only aids in our collection. There is no immunity. memes are mind viruses and the more you add to your own pow ka leow meme, the easier it will be for "them" to track you.

the lead up was multi-pronged. as would all government espionage operations. there was the musical baton meme which if anyone have noticed, I never did receive. there was then the multifarious forms of meme that started creeping up. the wiser ones started to notice this trend and blogged about it.

These guys found out about it and are obviously jubliant

it was relatively easy to spot the conspiracy once you realise there's one.

He was determined to uncover the sgblogconspiracy

previously, in order to snuff out the more angry ones amongst singapore bloggers, "they" were using a rather ancient method that didn't work as well these recent weeks because the weather had been particularly warm.

The Y-rods were starting to crack due to intense heat

"they" started to use foreign talents who utilised very advance listening devices and traipsed around our island nation trying to suss out the rats.

Professor Whitebeard (R) and his queer assistant, Mr Randy Johnson (L)

but angmohs can't stand our weather as well. after a couple of minutes, they were reduced to this:

The heat caused Professor Whitebeard's beard to combust spontaneously and changed his face

For all of you who continue with this sgblogconspiracy......

*we are watching*

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seekingasylum said...

i never realised the meme was part of the conspiracy. damn brilliant that.

damn...foiled again! *slaps head and trudges back to the drawing board*