Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The New Adventures of Bobbin!

I wonder what happened to the 'original" adventures of Bobbin! (the exclamation mark is necessary)

You can read more at her website by clicking the title of this blog or here.

Singapore actually has got a pretty thriving dot comics scene.

was tomorrow-ed last weekend. that actually chased some of the monday blues away. i couldn't fall asleep immediately. but that because i was thinking, how many colonels drive a black lexus rx300? and more importantly, with all the buzz surrounding blogging in singapore of late, how may senior saf officers read tomorrow.sg and would want to find out who the colonel was? what if i get charged? maybe i'll be the first sillyporebeng to be dooced? most people know what it means to be dooced.....

maybe if i am the first to be asked to leave the service for writing that....little fish would become a noun:

"eh, you write so offensively, not scared you become little fish?

or a verb:

"bro, you better be careful of what you write, otherwise you might be little fished."

more words to spice up our uniquely singapore language.

but all these thoughts came to me later. first thing that came into my mind was how horrible my english and grammer was for that entry and proceeded to edit the post (only spelling typos and grammer blah blah). that made me re-read all my blog entries from 2002 till my last entry. it is not as bad as i would have thought. good thing is, i'm not a keen blogger when i started. so not that many to read. just some entries with cryptic sentences that have lost their meaning and song lyrics that will always remain with me.

i made sure i wore my base pass when i entered base today. and i will continue to do so till colonel retires. hope that's before my bond is served.

this blog entry kinda makes me wonder, for an anonyblogous like myself, and dozens more singaporelians and singaporebengs bloggers, what is out first reaction when we realise that we have been tomorrowed, browned, miyagid , xiaxued, bigfucked etc.

i think i smell another of my list of ten coming up real soon....

watch this space.

no stop watching.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

wenny and kendy sia / a colonel, his lexus and diminised prick

The wedding of the decade was beginning to shape up pretty well. but kenny sia has snubbed xiaxue based on his photoshop skills that their offsprings will look like kendy and wenny sia. horrors!

on the work front, things are looking rather ridiculous. i have 6 day off(s) in lieu and it's accumulated from last oct till now. don't look like i'm gonna be able to use them anytime soon.

just yesterday morning, i witness a colonel wagging his finger at a junior rating.

Not this finger lickin good colonel

this is the colonel i am talking about

this junior rating, let's just call him sean from RSS SEA HUM (as in cockles).

RSS SEA HUM - cracked open by the colonel

Sean was driving his shiny new honda jazz in milano red and saw his fellow comrade-in-arms waiting for the internal shuttle bus operating within the base. wouldn't it be natural that you would to want to give your friend a lift. More so when you are both heading to the same destination.

sean's pride and joy

So sean slows his car down along a single lane road. slows to a halt. and from a bend behind him, along comes the colonel in his brand new big bad lexus RX 300. he starts giving sean the HORN from way back and stops right behind sean and continued to have his hands on the car horn.

colonel's big bad black fuel guzzling suv - simply useless vehicle

what the fuck is wrong with this almost retired mid life crisis sad old man? sean, being the respectful road user didn't want to stall traffic moves off within 10 secs of stopping. Now this is where sean commits the greatest of his mistakes. 10 secs to a man who has seen better days behind him and can look forward to nothing but a civil or public dog in his run down to retirement age means ALOT. He should have moved off 15 secs later. this could possibly induce a heart attack on the colonel. and everyone who knows him would grief but will snigger and agree that he was meant to die that way.

so this colonel continues to tailgate sean who drove into a roundabout so that he can pick his friend up without stopping on the road. he quickly moved out of his car the moment he could. the colonel was practically peeing in his pants (his face showed it) with excitement when he got off his big bad lexus. he tapped on sean's glass and motioned him to wind down the window.


sean: *nods*


sean: *nods*


sean: rss sea hum


colonel drives off.

fuck. he fucking drives a SUV to base. fuck. SUVs are certified petrol guzzlers. fuck. he pollutes the air we breathe that doesn't fucking belong to his fucking motherfucking mother or mother fucking father. he fucking uses more fuel per kilometre travelled than many of us and what the fuck. the fuel might actually belong to his father. but fuck, i really dun think so. he got his fuel like all of us, from a petrol station, paying with money from his ballooned military serviceman's pay. paid by your father, sean's father, fucking who all owns a piece of his ass livelihood.

sean? he drives an economical hatchback which is known to be extremely fuel efficient. he further maximises the efficiency by offering to carpool, however short the distance might be.

but fuck. colonel, being small sized (he barely reaches the top of his SUV when he stands next to his fucking pride and joy. I bet his dick is small. the SUV is to compensate.

girls must have laughed at him when he asked for a blowjob. "no thanks colonel, i have already flossed." or "oh my colonel, it'll feel like i am sucking my thumb!" or "lend me your toothpick colonel."

the colonel's prick

i am not angry. "fuck" is not an angry word.

This one's great!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

random rants

Got this from a cousin....

so how safe do you think your zipped luggage is? all it takes is a sharp object, a strong wrist and a diabolical mind. you won't even know that your luggage was broken into because once the zips are moved through the section which has been popped open, they will zip themselves up again. same thing for combination locks where the dials for the numbers are not tightly fitted to the locks. I can break the combination within a minute and I am not even an expert.

we all know how translations can be funny when words are translated directly.

imagine walking into a local grocery shop or the ntuc/giant/carrefour and find this:

many of us will know why, after thinking for a short while, the translated name turns out to be FUCK. but we will not understand. surely somebody will stop such nonsense.

now imgaine flipping through a chinese cookbook translated for non-chinese speaking population and you find this:

why oh why??

should you laugh? so should the people of the country that committed these horrendous mistakes glorify the uniqueness of their mistakes and so a new pidgin english is born?

for those who might not understand how FUCK becomes DRY or dehydrated (The image �http://hanweb.kanhan.com/fs?B8C9+2� cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.) in mandarin. it's got to do with knnbccb or like how i would say it: kay ann square bee see square bee.

as for chen's skin and far ambition. damn....aren't we worried.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Clubbing in Singapore

It's weird to have been clubbing at the same place since 1998 and be told how great the club is. OR to be told how great the resident djs are. but these days I have friends who tell me I should check out so and so because he is so fantastic. Well, the reason why he is worth checking out is not because he is famous now. It's not because he has his hair all grown out. Not because he has finally cultured a proper "intelligent" looking goatee.

I was frantically telling anyone who would listen to give his mix cd a go when it was given free with the now defunct MUZIK magazine. Later he would be entangled with Omid 16b Nourizadeh for using a rift without 16b's permission.

And now people tell me how good he is. Oh well.

So I wonder if I should tell people to check this other DJ at the adjacent club upstairs instead?


Thought it would be fun to have an entry on the people you meet when you club here. My usual list of ten:

Found at the usual platform. The one right in front of the dance floor main bar. A gathering of them will usually be behind *sniggers* this platform. Tight Ts and a ready smile is uniform and they bring much happiness to the whole dance floor. They can prance just as good as any of the ladies on the ladies platform right in front of the DJ console and best thing is, when Maniam and his tabla drops in for a visit, they can continue while the ladies are asked to get off their platform. They check out other guys' necks.

Found at the same area as those above. Less flambuoyant. Don't mind being mistaken for #10 especially by ladies from the ladies platform.

Keys in short messages into their handphones and waves it frantically in front of the DJ. Usually at foreign DJs. Typical messages are for requests or compliments. Typical requests are "Can you play retro?", "You are so handsome, can I be your angle (sic)?" or "You ROCK!". Sometimes it's really demeaning to see them doing that. Especially when the local resident who did the warm up was so much better. And the local resident could be playing a genre that is completely not their forte but yet better than the imported baldy who miscues or pretends to tweak knobs and adjust equalisers while having no effect on the music. The funniest scene is when the angmoh knows that the dance track is going to break down and turn into a rapid BPM monster, they open up their eyes, pretend to turn some knobs in front of them, like they are actually the ones creating the music, getting the dance floor into a frenzy.....sigh.....why? Why?

These are great to look at once in a while. They close their eyes, move seaweed like. That's what pin says. Seaweed. They have a constipated look and with their palms facing downwards and sometimes outwards, they kinda look like they are in some pain. Their agony could be coming from #10 who is standing behind but I wouldn't know. They kinda feel that there are enjoying the music the right way. When I spot one of these, I will quickly point out to the rest. Strangely, #7s like standing on the platform. They usually dress like beatniks.

Usually by the side. But can be found on the steps and these days, right up front with #8. They might carry a drink, wear a knowing smile. And when a familiar track comes on, they will smile wider, bob their head in time with the beat and their hands will come up as if he is the maestro. All the while the drink is still on the other head. When he is tired, he will switch hands and still maintain the beat.

Easier to spot at 11pm because when the dancefloor is clear, you can see them prancing about on a high. Usually an angmoh. he is usually with some friends who will look on by the side. They make a fool of themselves and they love it. They don't hurt anyone, so I don't really think they are bad.

Found outside, with some friends if s/he is lucky. Usually seated over a drain with head hung. Girls with long hair will have friends gathering the hair to the back in case the vomitus is caught in the hair. Sometimes the jeans are stained, sometimes they carry a wet patch down the front. And midnight madness is not over yet.

I hate these. Not smoking per se. Not even smoking while dancing. But smoking and using the cigarette as a glowstick. Fuck man. I am at times taller than these guys/gals who stand in front of me. And when they swing their hands backwards with the cigarettes, I feel like raising my leg and giving them the knee into their anus. I have been brushed by lit cigarettes and I have seen cigarettes being put out because the glowing end was brushed off some poor fellow's face. Not a good thing. I suggest these fuckers fuck off. I personally abuse them physically. Some poor girl was stepped on by me on Sunday night cause she was doing that to me. Sorry girly. I don't give a damn. And if this is not gentlemanly, welcome to the 21st century. I'm usually nicer, I tell them to be careful or I move away. But I love to abuse people on the sly ever so once in a while....

Similar to #8 but they actually send out the messages. Not once a while but over the course of a minute, they can hit as high as the BPM of the track they are dancing too. I exaggerate. It's just the annoying bright screen that pops up ever so often. I know clubbing is a social event but this is carrying it a little too far.

For those who frequent the club, you know who I am talking about when I mention the PhD wielding uncle with black and white gloves, dances like a robot. He is the only guy I know that dances on the female-only platform. Moves like a sinister robot running on underpowered eveready batteries.

After finishing this list, I think there are plenty more to be added....

Saturday, May 21, 2005

waiting for something to happen

was suppose to be visiting my grandmother. ended up sleeping, waking then sleeping some more.
haven't had a good weekend of rest. not before spain and not since after. haven't been to zouk for the longest time either. shit. i've been such a responsible adult for such a long time i think i've actually aged over the past 2 months or so. even my hairdresser says i have more white hair now. she'd know. she tries her best to hide them. lucky thing is i am slightly taller than half the population or maybe more. so they can't get to see the top of my head. they haven't found their way down the side yet. white hair that is. fingers crossed.

25 forever cool
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full of shit. i feel like i am 26 going on to 65.

tonight i have got to make it to zouk. tony tay's playing and pin shld be there. dunno about the rest. v is going. v thinks i am at my grandma's. think she is sleeping now as well.

i wanna get high. i want to feel that tomorrow is coming for me but i am smiling at it. i want to let whateverforever be.

Monday, May 16, 2005


freaking tired because of this.

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

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An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
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Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Lake: To --

I was saying a few entries ago about poetry. And one of the darker poets that I am particularly fond of is Edgar Allan Poe. He is most famous for the poem The Raven (nothing more and evermore stuff). His poem always had an element of melody, like it was meant to be a song. And Jeff Buckley definitely transpose one of his poem, Ulalume - A Ballad, into a song. And that wasn't the only one. Recently, well, about a year ago, Antony of Antony & The Johnsons tweaked the words of another of his poem into a song. This particular one, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Because it was my favourite poem from his collection. It's titled The Lake: To--. Yeah, weird title. But everything described in the poem is so....bleak. Yet so romantic. The song is exceptionally well composed as well. It's got an element of forbode and just seems to be romantic (as in romanticism not the roses and candle light dinners type) and enhanced the lyrical and balladic tone that was already present in the poem.

If you have a chance to listen to it, you'll understand.

Antony & The Johnsons - The Lake
In youth's spring, it was my lot
To haunt of the wide earth a spot
To which I could not love the less
So lovely was the loneliness
Of a wild lake, with black rock bound
And the tall trees that towered around

But when the night had thrown her pall
Upon that spot as upon all
And the wind would pass me by
In its stilly melody

My infant spirit would awake
To the terror of the lone lake
My infant spirit would awake
To the terror of the lone lake

Yet that terror was not fright
But a tremulous delight
And a feeling undefined
Springing from a darkened mind
Death was in that poisoned wave
And in its gulf a fitting grave
For him who thence could solace bring
To his dark imagining
Whose wildering though could even make
An Eden of that dim lake

But when the night had thrown her pall
Upon that spot as upon all
And the wind would pass me by
In its stilly melody

My infant spirit would awake
To the terror of the lone lake
My infant spirit would awake
To the terror of the lone lake

Springing from a darkened mind
So lovely was the loneliness
In youth's spring, it was my lot
In its stilly melody
An Eden of that dim lake
An Eden of that dim lake
Lone, lone, lonely...

Edgar Allan Poe - The Lake. To--
In spring of youth it was my lot
To haunt of the wide world a spot
The which I could not love the less-
So lovely was the loneliness
Of a wild lake, with black rock bound,
And the tall pines that towered around.

But when the Night had thrown her pall
Upon that spot, as upon all,
And the mystic wind went by
Murmuring in melody-
Then–ah then I would awake
To the terror of the lone lake.

Yet that terror was not fright,
But a tremulous delight-
A feeling not the jewelled mine
Could teach or bribe me to define-
Nor Love–although the Love were thine.

Death was in that poisonous wave,
And in its gulf a fitting grave
For him who thence could solace bring
To his lone imagining-
Whose solitary soul could make
An Eden of that dim lake.

singapore fashion faux pas

saw this article on msn today.

it's a list of beauty sins and includes things like using a lip liner that is too dark. trying to mask original skin colour (but damn, they forget their necks are exposed).

walking around town, you'll see lots of such tasteless fashion mistakes. the dark lip liner thing is not that common but the scary "face is two tones lighter than neck and shoulders" look is rather prevalent.

anyway, V and I have this thing against plasticky bra straps. she thinks they are uncomfortable. i think they are uncomfortable to look at.

So i have decided to list the ten visual grouse.
in no order of demerit.....


I dun remember when such things started appearing but i know they dun seem to be disappearing. which i thought was the initial reason why girls wore them. there were mainly clear ones that aren't invisible. what they seemed to do was cut into the skin and probably flesh of the wearer. this results in some weird branding effect on the skin. then coloured plastic ones appeared for no apparent reason. and now there are clear ones embossed with little flower prints. i dun understand. and i dun have the guts to ask the wearers. not that v will hit me with her gucci or LV. but cause the wearer plastic bra straps might be carrying y-shaped sticks and start catapulting me with stones using the straps as the elastic band screaming chee ko pek kiah. i'm 26. not 62. not chee ko pek.

This was rather recent. within last two years i think. there were a number of newspaper articles warning of the potential danger of these tight low slung jeans hurting the pelvis or something. they hurt my appetite tho. sometimes in a food court you might catch one of these jeans wearers who when sat down, exposes the top of their butt crack. reminds me of construction works (the western type) but really...not during lunch or dinner. some of the more "well-endowed in the middle" (ok ok, fat) folks when wearing them will have these two sad looking bulge. sexy? hardly. i once tried throwing nuts into one of these mine shafts when i was slightly tipsy at winebar. i missed. it was incredible that i missed. you can guess the size of the mine. i blamed it squarely on the alcohol.

they say g-strings came from american indians. t-backs, i dunno. probably not the english. they have tea bags (spot of milk with your tea, elisabeth?). Nothing totally wrong with these undergarments. but undergarments, being undergarments, should remain under. not under public glare. and mighty combo of low slung jeans with exposed stringed underwear was very hot a while ago. i wonder if men dictates the fashion trends for women. someone actually managed to convince females to expose their underwear and butt cracks. wow. i am told they are very comfortable, like wearing nothing. i am sure they are. why not wear nothing? there's alot of things i dun understand. but i guess there is something sinisterly sexy about them. i always thought a cheekiness won't hurt. but not when everyone walking behind you knows that you have a wedgie that cannot be removed. i did a search online and came up with the term "whale tail".

this is a little extreme. i sneaked this from here

OK, this may or may not be a good example of faux pas. but admit to thinking that whenever we wear socks with flipflops, we associate it with the japanese. it's not meant to be. it's doesn't look right. havaianas are cool but tat sengs are way cooler.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep a good head or hair. the hair i am referring to is rather specific. like a tuft found wondering above the bikini of a beach lover. worse, she is wearing a bikini top - chest hair. or the occasional armpit hair that peeps out from the short sleeves of men. v knows i have this too. we saw these are the peep show type of hair. when they appear in a bunch, they are the exhibitionistic ones. scarier stil are those that have nipple hair sticking out from their tops. (V! stop giggling). when i was younger and still in a boys' school, we joke about armpits of SCGS and NYGH girls. everyone does. i dunno if women should have hairless pits. but...i'll leave it to you. and when you have a long strand coming out from your nostril, bro, the present cross blade scissors was invented almost two millenniums ago bro.

And i mean the 80s stylie. huge and angular looking. most of those made were later transshipped to US for the NFL. after their security review, found that they were too big, even for NFL. eventually they were used as seat-stuffings for the many budget airlines flying within North America.
it is all very matronly. as you can see below:

That's having only one colour. and it can spread to anyone. lawyers, accountants and other shentonites are easy victims. and the colour is black. white is rare. pink is getting common. to be dressed from head to toe in one single colour is very creative. because you see alot of angsty rock typies and artsy "i-am-making-my-first-indie-semi-autobiographical-mockumentry-flick" constantly wearing black jeans with black t-shirts. black shoes. reason's simple. black takes dirt well. when speckled, looks grungy. they have no money after paying for their jam sessions at the studio or wasting rolls of film. i respeck them. black is cool. the problem can occur when it comes to print. imagine leopard print from head to toe and i mean head to toe (hair band, scrunchie, sunglass, scarf, blouse, jacket, handbag, long tights with stirups and pumps). Or checkered everything. or striped everything. or tartan everything. or camou everything. military personnel excused.

accidental slipoffs are alright. I mean females wearing tube tops and a strapped bra. amazing but true. more common is the tube top with strapless bra. the tube slips but the bra remains. causing a sight. worse when she is wearing only nipple tape or nothing. tubes are tricky. the exposed bit could be at the back. and tops with a slash across at the back and two bra buckles showing in the slash. and guys caught wearing bras. A brassiere for men. Inspired by Frank's man-breasts. Named "The Bro" by Kramer but "The Manssier" by Frank. "Bro's no good, too ethnic." - Frank. forbid! this does not refer to wardrobe malfunction ala janet jackson. that's just obscene. nothing raunchy. just distasteful.

it's quite a sight when a girl wearing a tube top starts to mine. that means they slip their thumb into the mine shaft (mine shaft can refer to both the butt crack or cleavage in this blog) and grabs the top upwards. it might lead to exposed bra (see #3 above) at the back. in the same way, when a girl pushes her thumb into the gap between her butt and jeans, she is mining. it's a useful term. mining. so in future when you see a girl adjusting her bra or low slung jeans with her thumb jammed into her mine shaft and pulls up the tube top or jeans, she is mining. that's different with short skimpy skirts. some skirts ride up easily. and from a mid-thigh skirt, it could "escalate" to a butt-hugging skirt. or higher. so if you see a girl tugging her skirt down to protect her modesty (haha), she is de-escalating.

1. BRANDED (from head to toe)
it's ostentatious, vainglorious and should only be attempted by rich people who walk around orchard during weekday mornings or early afternoons. you know, those who eats at crystal palace in taka and shop at LV and Gucci. it's like monochromacy (see #4) but in a much more perverse manner.


what to do

life takes a miserable downward spiral today.
and i think i am not at the bottom as yet.

still some way down to go. yippee

aimee mann has a new album and a song in it has a great title.

"That's How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart"

aimee mann writes such great songs about quirks in human relationships that the movie Magnolia, brilliantly directed by Paul Thomas Anderson who of course directed Boogie Nights as well.

1997 was a vintage year for great movies. Full Monty, Contact, LA Confidential, Titanic. I don't understand why people don't think Leo DiCaprio is not brilliant. I must admit that he looks underage in The Aviator but he was brilliant in most of the stuff he was in (basketball diaries, marvin's room, romeo + juliet). Donnie Brasco was 1997 too. and so was Gattaca.

At this point, I would like to state that actors like Johnny Depp, jake gyllenhaal, Ethan Hawke, Leo DiCaprio, Edward Norton, Sean Penn, they totally rock!
Actresses like Kirsten Dunst, Scarlett Johansson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, natalie portman (watch her in V FOR VENDETTA) Julia Stiles, Thora Birch (she was wow! in american beauty but nothing exciting after that), Mena Suvari (i used to think she was so cute but disappeared after american beauty as well).... Sam Mendes is a great director. Not many people can create such fine movies on their debutant effort.

The Matrix came out in 1999 and it was another of those year where the harvest was plentiful and climate just right for making vintages. American Beauty was that year too. As if it wasn't enough, Fight Club, Sixth Sense, se7en. Magnolia of course. Being John Malkovich (Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman got a new project due out this year. I enjoyed Adaptations and a funny Nicholas Cage). I missed Eyes Wide Shut of course. damn. and the Straight Story. David Lynch. double damn. damn damn. Didn't catch The Cider House Rules. triple damnifying. caught green mile tho. did i mention Three Kings. it has spike jonze as one of the actors... and finally i missed Eating Air by Kelvin Tong. i was away studying and even emailed him to say that i wanted to watch bu couldn't. He replied. can't remember the content tho.
how did all these great films squeeze themselves in to 1999? I dunno. but the creativity might have something to do with the Pre-Millennium Tension then.

Things took an impressive reverse in 2000. why? no more juice.

Don't let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you.

Monday, May 09, 2005

I learn to create links

found a york alumni's blog on saturday cause she was brown-ed. i didn't really know it was someone i knew but i clicked on the link anyway, as one would (mr brown said she was a cutie) and read the reasons why a non-singaporean would want to be singaporean (citizenship of course).

the posting sounded damn familiar because i remember her telling us how she had to queue in the wee hours of a freezing london morning just so that she can get the limited number of visas that were to be issued on that day from country so-so embassy.

we enjoy visa-less travel in so many countries that we kinda take it for granted and indeed might feel rather loss when travelling entails visa application. well, maybe not all.

the other story where she was often asked why doesn't she speak x country's language and would be troubled repeatedly whenever she travels to x country was related to me by her brother who if i am not wrong is already a singapore citizen by virtue of NS (and from there lots of strange coincidences but that'll be another posting if ever). i guess she is into wordplay and her name has been anagramed (i said too much) and it will be a dead giveaway if i reveal her brother's name so i shall respect her and refer her as enuwy. another reason to respect is that she has been brown-ed before. so don't pray pray.

so much attention on the local blogging community recently. I wonder why? *wink* *wink*

anyhow, still no updates on spain trip. too tired to write anything. haven't seen v for 2 days now and probably not tomorrow as well. sigh. so busy. working my butt off but i know i am in denial when i remind myself it is for some higher calling or greater good. i should just accept it and know that it's unnecessary and ultimately unnoticed and hopefully can feel less unhappy about it. someone needs to really tell me that the bond i am serving out is not a mere legal contract.


double drats.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


super tired right now having just returned from spain like 6 hours or so ago.
came home to find a trophy on the counter. miss glamourette 2005 1st runner up.
like wow. my sister - miss glamourette.

bought two tops for her from mango outlet in barcelona. it wasn't difficult to find. and just alot to walk. girona. girls, it's along girona. calle girona. or carrer girona. 37 girona. get it tattooed on yourself when you get to barcelona. and guys, impress the girls with this precious piece of information. well, not really.

let me say again i am super tired. and the first thing i ate when i was back was meepok dry with v at jackson's centre kopitiam. followed by pork porridge.

the food isn't too bad in spain. just that it is so varied the good stuff can't be found in all of the country. but you CANNOT find decent singapore food there. and the spainards appear rather serious about food. they hang around cafes/cafeterias/restaurantes from noon till late like 11pm. they eat lunch at odd times and dinner after 10 pm. i am guessing they were seriously thinking of what and where to eat their meals. gosh, they might be so tired out by this thinking business that they sleep right after lunch (siesta) and right after dinner until lunch time. no one appears to be working outside the service industry and though many appear in suits, they are heading for nowhere during office hours. i dunno. maybe i am wrong. i must be. i am singaporean. so if you are sitting in cafes the whole day, i'd think you are some ah beng, cheeko peks, jobless ne'er do well living your day at the coffeshop. if you are in a suit and rushing around during office hour, you could be just fired, retrenched or what they like to say now - organisation augmentation exercise. or you could be a very sharply dressed dispatch. well who knows? on the way to a 'power lunch"? just off from a "breakfast meeting"? whatever. i dun care. they look happy enough and i guess, that's one up on me. i'm just miserable having to return to my ordinary life - working. phew....

i think i will write a proper entry about spain. madrid was cool. v and i checked out the "working girls". they were purely catered to fetish. or to the spainiards, maybe not. granada was brief but wow, la alhambra was pure wonder...valencia was sunny, like i remembered it. v would like to say we stayed in the best hotel here. like some boutique hotel. with hansgrohe fittings in the toilet. drool....the location....well....let's just say v and i have very strong thighs and calves now. barcelona hotel took a 180 degrees turn....felt like paris hilton's walk-in wardrobe - only the wardrobe was for her little pup. *i don't know if she actually has a walk-in wardrobe for tinkerbell but if she did, it should be about the size of our hotel room in barcelona* i think v would have to agree with me that barcelona was indeed about zara and mango. well, and gaudi too i suppose. the 3 years had been rather good for spain as a whole. felt a lot less dodgy...alot more security presence, didn't feel as threatened. i even went out to buy late dinners at about 10-11 plus at night! well, when in rome.....