Saturday, December 22, 2007


Don't worry about the title. It's just a random title cause I really don't have much to write but just want to record it down.

Looking at the end of year review, well, some were frighteningly accurate. Like movement of Chinese Yuan, re-arming of Japan, Malaysia racial issues, Middle East and South East Asian countries forging closer ties (look at the number of visits by Singapore leaders to the region and Middle Eastern interest in the region's property market, especially in KL). Mittal Steel showing interest in EPL (Queens Park Rangers). Prices in Singapore going up. Singapore Airlines yet to get into the lucrative Australia-US air route but with new Aussie PM and a new trade minister Simon Crean, talks are possible. Straits Times Index breaking 3000 mark (note that from last year to this year, the massive increase was adjusted dramatically.). Blair making way for Brown. Talk on the Princes' marriage. On the fashion front, look at the number of guys in cardigans. I mentioned colours picking up although I picked all the wrong colours hahaha....and take a walk around the newer shopping malls in town, namely Central (above Clark Quay) and The Cathay (next to Plaza Singapura) and count the number of chandeliers....

For those who read this blog consistently, I wish to thank you for showing interest. For those who felt engaged and actually left comments, I am ever grateful. To friends who knew me before stumbling upon this blog, thanks for being a friend. I'm lazy in maintaining friendships. To friends who knew me through this blog, thanks for being a friend as well. I now have one less enemy in the world.

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