Thursday, December 13, 2007

Walk in the park

Xiaomeinu and I went for a stroll with lulu in tow. Ended up at grandma's.

2 observations.

1) Lulu is the sort of person who does not like to pee or poop in public toilets. That is if lulu isn't a dog but a person instead. I'm sure you have friends like that. Lulu didn't need to visit the toilet all the while when we were out. She peed once we got home. She's totally zonked out by the little outing.

2) Grandma is the lulu's favouritest person in the world. Ok, maybe within the Jln Besar GRC. She's constantly trying to get into grandma's good books. Amazing instinct tells her who's the matron in the household.

No pics. Sorry to lulu fans out there.

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