Thursday, September 15, 2005

Innuendos and double entendres

It all started with Daryl Sng's Blog.

He was saying how songs sometimes are tweaked, be it the title or lyrics, so that it can be played on radio or tv.

Recent examples are Black Eye Peas' Let's Get Retarded. That was changed to Let's Get It Started. Supposedly, the original title was rude to the actual retardees mentally-challenged cognitively-challenged.
James Blunt's You're Beautiful lyrics was also changed so that it was playable on MTV. Instead of "fucking high" it became "flying high".

Anyway, I can't get over Come On, Eileen by the Dexy Midnight Runners. It's now a bukkake song. Damn it. Narbeh....Now I've got figments of images of a JC schoolmate by that name seated in the middle of the school field.....bad thoughts.....really bad thoughts. urgh.

I've gotta transpose all those negative thoughts into something more constructive. Hey, having a sprained ankle gives me lotsa time to "transpose" you know?

I decided to come up with a list. Of songs with titles that are seemingly innocent but may have a negative effect on straying unused minds......idle minds are the devil's playground.

1. Over Protected - Britney Spears
This is when the guy wears two condoms. He first puts on the first condom, smear deep heat cream on his encapsulated "member", then put on the next condom. This way, if he feels the heat, the inner condom has broke.
If Britney feels the heat, then the outer condom has broke.

2. Look What You've Done - Jet
Damn, when you become pregnant, the unwilling dad-to-be will start blaming everyone else and not himself.
This could also be a song for the minute-man. While still in the foreplay stages, the man already stains his undies with his spermatoza pearl jam. Then you hear the lady sing this song.

3. Till I Get Over You - Michelle Branch
Michelle here likes it cowgirl style. We don't want to get in her way. Giddy-up?
cowgirl Yee Ha!

4. Like A Swallow - Stina Nordenstam
Well I didn't know.....Stina Nordenstam clearly don't spit. She likes a swallow. A million male fans give a collective sigh of contentment....

5. Baby Can I hold You - Tracy Chapman
Whe Tracy Chapman says this to you, I don't know if you should be happy or just hope she can be gentle. She looks burly. Sometimes.

6. Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell
Ménage à trois anyone? Seems like the only way to go for Mademoiselle Mitchell.

7. Come Together - The Beatles
Don't we all?

8. In The Waiting Line - Zero 7
What the guys in the Annabelle Chong GangBang were hearing piped over the PA. In between songs, fluffers come and go. *chuckles*
queue On their way to the World's Greatest GangBang!

9. So Hard - Pet Shop Boys
I wouldn't be surprise if Neil Tennant sings this to Chris Lowe all the time.

10. The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice
Damien here clearly is one who wants to 大小吃.
I hear they have such "special packages" in Amsterdam.

So there you go. I'm sure there are better ones. Tell Me!

Relax, just do it. When you gonna come? (always reminds me of Zoolander)

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