Thursday, December 27, 2007

How Do You Know It's Gonna Be A Bad Day?

Tell-tale signs telling you the day is going to be bad......

You wake up and there's already a text message on your phone from your boss/colleague.
I hate this. Sometimes it happens on my off day or when I'm on leave. But work is work....gah.

You wake up to the sound of the alarm clock.
I have this perversion. I like to beat the clock. I want to stop the alarm before it can even start. It's this competitive streak in me that was honed from the many years of competition in school. If I fail to beat the clock. I will feel lousy the whole day. Basically I just hate the sound of alarm.

You wake up to the sound of your phone ringing and it's your boss/colleague on the other line.
This is worse than text message. Many times worse.

You wake up and it's Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday.
Working days just suck. Don't they?

You wake up and it's not a holiday.
Sometimes you get caught in a dilemma of waking early to make full use of a holiday and not waste it sleeping in. The moment you think that way, you've wasted precious sleep time.

You wake up. But cannot go back to sleep immediately.

You wake up and its not past 12 noon.
(See above).

You wake up and beside work-related appointments, there is nothing else to look forward to.
What's worse than facing a bad day is that there is nothing down the way that will pick you up.

You wake up, late for the early morning meeting and you missed 3,456 calls from the boss.
You panic. There is nothing else you can do. You are tempted to get yourself in an accident, so that you have an excuse. You wish the world will can turn the other way round. You ask yourself, "What would Hiro do?".

You wake up to get ready for work and it's a Saturday/Sunday/Holiday.
Either you work up by mistake or you actually have to work on these days, it sucks. Big time.

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