Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ken & Barbie

This is probably re-hashed from a joke I heard about blondes.....

So Ken and Barbie got married. Not too hard to imagine I'd think.

Barbie got pregnant and both herself and Ken are downright happy, in a ditsy kind of way - "It's like, we're having a baby! Isn't that cool?".

Ken rushed into the delivery room when the nurse called for him. He was absolutely beaming. He saw Barbie who was tired from all the panting and pushing.

"Congratulations Mr Ken, you've got twins!"

Ken was admiring one of the babies when the nurse pushed another into his arms. Shocked, he asked Barbie, "Why are there two babies? Who else did you sleep with?"

Barbie, practically half-dead, replied, "I thought I had already spat it out......."

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