Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Things I'd like to see less of in 2008

Some stuff I would like to see less of in 2008. (Wow! My blog title has a direct meaning!)

SLOGAN T-shirts - You know the trend is going down when Giordano makes them as well. Don't get me wrong. I love Giordano. Especially on rainy days. They've got fantastic items and their continuous endeavor to broaden their appeal is really good. But as far as trends go, it's time to ditch them 3 weeks after Giordano comes up with their take on a trend. I cannot imagine Giordano making tapered jeans. It's weird enough that Levis do that. But I'd gladly check out if Giordano so decide on making jeans using Japanese denim.

Peeping Lace - Go around town, especially Bugis Junction, and you'd know what I mean. Lace is peeping out from EVERYWHERE! Underneath shorts, from heels, from boots, extension of legging, extension of tights, extension of stockings, from sleeves, from hems, from godamn collars - they make the girl look like she has chest hair ! I think there is a strong influence from the whole Gothic Lolita thing. But, when you find lace peeping out from every garment you are wearing (hat, blouse, shorts, skirts, shoes), the lolita effect wears off. Rapidly. And they start to look more like dollies.

CROCS - Cause they were never "cute" or "nice". Chunky almost rhymes with ugly. Surely there is a reason. Oh, and they threaten to cause toes to be ripped off while using the escalators.

CRUMPLER - I own a Crumpler bag too! But that doesn't make it any less ubiquitous. Quite the opposite. We should be seeing the end of it. There was a time when I can recognise a Singaporean overseas. He will most probably be carrying a Deuter backpack. And Deuter is a German brand. Now I can spot a Singaporean by the Crumpler bag. And Crumpler is an Australian brand.
NUM Tank Tops - My god. And please stop parading your dragon boat paddles. I'm sexist in that I find girls with big arms with a dark tan, wearing racer-backs, quite a, turn off. Sorry. My vocabulary is limited. What's another word for turn off? Maybe ladies here can tell me what they feel about seeing these dragon-boating types in their standard kit. Sizzle or fizzle?
Sorry, it's not you. It's your top.

Tapered Bottoms - I warned everyone back in March of this year about tapered bottoms and Giordano slogan T-shirts. Read here. Be careful, don't end up looking like MC Hammer *Can't Touch This. There is a fine line in being fashionable and fashion-oh-no.

So what else is there? What would you like to see less of in 2008?

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