Monday, March 20, 2006

Health Promotion Board vs Southpark

It has not escape from my attention that Singapore's Health Promotion Board has gone hip and cool by collaborating with Southpark!

If you have been watching the telly, you would have caught sight of a series of ads which features a bar of soap holding a towel? It's a way of reminding dirty Singaporeans to pay more attention to personal hygiene. The bar of soap is definitely Singaporean. It looks like a type of soap I used when I was in primary school to wash my Bata white canvas shoes. Actually, I wear BM2000 more. BM stands for Badminton Master. Don't play play.

So where is the collaboration? You see, the bar of soap is holding onto a towel and I have every reason to suspect that the towel is actually Towelie from Southpark! Google "towelie" and not only will you get to see Towelie online, you can listen to some of the terry-cloth's key phrases!

The resemblance is uncanny too. Similar in features and shape.

Towelie and Soap from HPB

I'm so darn proud!

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