Monday, June 27, 2005

The strange affair of blue starfish shower sponge

I am a slight fan of spongebob square pants and patrick. V and I call patrick pinkturd cause that is what he looks like. A pink pile of shit.

No point denying it, they are gay. closet maybe. but obviously gay.

Guess what? V got a blue starfish shaped sponge for me recently when I told her I feel dirty (not the christina aguilera type of dirrty). I have been sailing a fair bit so that is the real reason.

I used it tonight.

Blue star was all smiles before being subjected to the shower foam treatment

I don't know about the rest of you. But I think to put an object with facial features (the sponge has two black beads and two strings functioning as eyes and mouth respectively) onto my body feels wrong. It's especially bad when I am cleaning there. Yes, there, down there. I can imagine the starfish making muffled sounds when I scrub my armpits.


I think it is equally weird for towels to have faces too. Or animal-shaped-sponges. It's just wrong. And you might not understand me, but I urge you to try using such sponges. Tell me if you start imagine them making noises.

Anyways, I worked up a lather.....

blue sponge didn't smile so much after this....

I reckoned it wasn't easy to keep the smile after all that moving about.
Looks a little worse for wear. But, hell, this is its station in life.

A little worse for wear but will feel much better soon. Check out the darker hue of blue.

So ends the little adventure of Blue sponge.

Heard this from my sister on Sunday and just made me flipped:

Doraemon and Hello Kitty bumped into each other one day......
(this is actually real hard cause Hello Kitty lives in London
but Doraemon lives in suburban Tokyo)

So Doraemon, being the more gregarious cat (he is a futuristic - 22nd century to be exact - robot cat afterall) said a friendly "Hello!" to Hello Kitty.



Hello Kitty did not reciprocate Doraemon's Hello. Why?
I suppose it's the robotic voice that Doraemon might have. But damn, if in another 100 years we still cannot master digital voices, human or animal....we kinda suck. Ain't it? We just have to remember that both are cats (difference in age but "hello" ranks low on the hierarchy of feline vocabulary difficulty level)

The reason is rather simple:

Hello Kitty has no mouth.

So if Hello Kitty does have a mouth and happen to greet Doraemon with a Hello first, why wouldn't Doraemon answer?

Doraemon don't have any ears.

Where do people find so much time for so much crap?

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