Friday, December 28, 2007

Why climb mountains?

He looked into the horizon, as if focusing on the cumulonimbus clouds gathering. A thunderstorm threatened. Absentmindedly, he murmured, "I think we've plateaued."

She was trying to see what his eyes were fixing at and was caught slightly off-guarded with the remark. She resisted turning her head just yet.

Although she didn't make any reply, he was certain that she had heard him. There was no need to repeat himself and unnecessary to ask if she heard what he said.

The anticipatory air grew awkward as she pursed her lips to ready her response.

Without taking his eyes off the horizon, he continued, "These days we just go into a routine of meeting only on weekends, we no longer talk about our dreams. Instead we focus on the things in life that bring us down......" his voice trailing off into a sigh.

A thousand thoughts raced through her mind and she wasn't exactly sure what her response would be like. She wondered if there was a specific answer that he was looking for. She remembered how long they have been together. Long enough to take each others' presence for granted.

He noticed that she was quiet. As she usually is. Something he had learn to live with. In fact, it was something he thought helped to keep them together. Plateau notwithstanding. The resistance to be flippant. The cool measured tones that characterised her and had thus characterised the relationship.

"But I have never been on a mountain higher than this plateau. So why climb mountains when this is as close to heaven as we've ever been?"

They both turned to face each other and smiled. Above them, blue skies with some cirrus formation.

She closed her eyes to ready for his kiss.

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