Monday, December 24, 2007


I've been watching the tv series Heroes. I know I'm more than a season slower than most but it's ok.

I really liked the chapter on "Saving Charlie". Hiro (the Jap dude who can manipulate the space-time continuum) and Charlie (the small town texan beauty with eidetic memory) don't make a great screen couple physically. Hiro, I'm sure he rules the Geek world while Charlie is the typical high school sweet heart blonde.

Hiro tries to save her from Sylar by teleporting himself back in time. He managed to go back 6 months but Charlie tells him that she has a blood clot and will die anyway. Had Hiro knew this, would he have gone back 6 months and risk not saving the cheerleader Claire?

WWHD - What Would Hiro Do?

It's easy to know why Hiro Nakamura is one of the most popular hero in the series. His ideals and failures make him like one of us. His self-reproaches can sometime be really funny. As are his idealistic wanderings with sidekick Ando. Through Hiro, we learn many lessons in life as well. But the most important one would be that however powerful we are or can be, we can never change two things: Our past and our destiny.

Just to sidetrack, this series suggests that beyond science and faith, there is a higher order of system that governs us. While Suresh provides the scientific explanations for these powers that the heroes have, he believes in destiny, that which we cannot control.

It was destiny that guided Hiro to teleport himself 6 months back. He would never have done otherwise.

For those who like this little romance-tinged chapter, there is actually a book - Saving Charlie by Aury Wallington written based on it and will be released on Boxing Day 2007.


N.H. said...

I'm not a big fan of Heroes, but that Charlie chapter was sweet. Damn you Sylar!

As an aside, I'm still in Spain, and the comment box is in Spanish! "Todavia no hay comentarios" Eh?

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well, there are comments now....eeba eeba andalay eeba?

Enjoy Spain!