Friday, December 07, 2007

A hiatus

I'm on leave.

Clearing as much of the remaining days as possible. Because my company demands that you clear your entitlements However tough it is. Who cares if you are not allowed to go overseas because there is nobody covering you. And the best thing is, if you do not clear your leave, you have to explain in a satisfactory manner why this is so.

Just as well. It's ZoukOut weekend and poof has pretty much got the whole gang's ticks sorted out. Staying at Siloso Beach Resort cause yewfei's got a last minute room to spare. Fantastic.

If not for my left ankle which is still not 100%.

PreZoukOut party tonight. I'm having a pimple breakout that started 2 days after the marathon.

Lots of brands on sale from today! Flipping through the papers and you get these quarter page notices by luxury brands with a single italicised word -

S a l e

I don't think my pimples will clear this weekend but haha! Doesn't stop me from partying.

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