Friday, December 07, 2007

I am Beowulf

You get to hear alot of that when watching this movie. It's by Robert Zemeckis and it's done the same way as Polar Express (that Tom Hanks X'mas movie?).

So you get to see Angelina Jolie nude. She is forbidding her children (all of them) from watching this movie. "I think it's too much. I don't think they should see their mom that way. I don't wear nightgowns like that in the house. I've got boys in my house. You don't do that as a mom, ut when they're older, hopefully they'll see it. It's weird, I'm a mom."

Imagine young Maddox youtubing for that scene.

I first heard about this epic poem when Seamus Heaney (scream) decided to translate his version of it. That was in 1999 and created a minor ripple in the English literary circle. But the best part was hearing his reading when he visited my university Jan 2000. Paid good money for a good cause and enjoyed myself.

Sengchoo, uni friend, gave me a taped version of it for my 21st Birthday. A celebration in my dorm where I got famously drunk and friends had to clean up the place for me. The group of us changed the way two of my Germans corridor mates viewed Singaporeans.

This version didn't stay true to the original. Spiced up and sexed up. Why else would they need Angelina Jolie for? Adopt the poor Geatish guys?

Still a good watch if your're into stuff like 300 - the Spartan movie and not some prono of another porn star setting world record. Catch it soon. Ending its run like, really soon.

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