Thursday, January 31, 2008

What is the name of the second B29?

People will never forget Enola Gay. The B29 bomber that was named after the pilot's mum. Enola Gay was carrying Little Boy over Hiroshima. And later dropped Little Boy over Hiroshima.

Many can name the second A-Bomb. Fat Man! Easy name.

But nobody can roll the name of the second B29 bomber off their tongue.

Yesterday at lunch, we were talking about the coming Singapore Airshow and how we are all going to get trade tickets. We have to wear our uniforms there though. Chicks don't really dig men in uniform. Not really. Then we were talking about how the measure of success for a trade show is the amount of sales generated. That got me saying how at an airshow near Moscow, a rich Russian surrounded by his bevy of bodyguards wanted to buy a US500million B52 bomber on the spot. It's cheaper now, because of the price of Dollar.

Somebody mentioned that B52 was the bomber used to drop the A-Bombs. Which called for an immediate conversation pause.

Anyway, the name of the second B29 which carried the "Fat Man" over Nagasaki was BOCKSCAR (pilot's surname was BOCK).

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