Friday, January 18, 2008

Horrorscope! Octopussy....

Minty (if you are reading this) says that I should use Rob (Brezsny??) for my horoscope readings instead of this yahoo freeware. But since I get to see my horoscope each time I log into my yahoo email account, it's very convenient.

Here's today's:

Yikes! What an emotional day, dear Pisces. The planetary energies are forecasting conflict, and lots of it. Do your best to personally steer clear of any of it, and avoid being drawn into any arguments. You may wish to keep to yourself today, and tonight to either stay in or head out to the movies alone. Don't worry, everyone will be feeling much better tomorrow.

See what I mean.....Pisceans are meant to watch movies alone. We already come in pairs so don't always need company. Three's a crowd don't you know?

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Anonymous said...

i am glad you found justification in using your vendor... trust is very important to keep believing...