Sunday, January 13, 2008


Had a great Jap dinner with gcm. I wish to thank American Express for giving me the Feed At Raffles card. Why do I like Inagiku so much??

Was there last month with sis for the wagyu hotpot so this time tried the other stuff. Like wagyu grilled on hot stones which were too salty. A pity cause wagyu is so delicious. The assorted sashimi was amazing....especially this baby pink fish that we had no idea what it was. And sea urchin! Again! Just had that last month. Assorted tempura .... was pleasantly warm and the sauce was one of the best ever. Not too salty. The salmon roe and salmon spring roll was alright. Washed down with sake. Don't know how to appreciate sake but thought it was fragrant enough when warmed up.

And it was really funny how the dinner place was decided. Splurge indeed! gcm will choose the venue for our next indulgence.

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