Sunday, January 27, 2008


I think I like the whole Sicilian thing about taking care of the family.

Had a reunion dinner of sorts at Classic Lao Di Fang which is this vegetarian restaurant at Apollo Centre along Havelock Rd.

Parents and sis were there along with all my aunts and uncles. My sis and I were the only ones who bothered showing up though. Haha....nevertheless, made the best out of it.

And there was not much effort needed for that. The dinner was really interesting, with the conversations throwing across the table in cantonese mainly. Hardly the language of choice for my sis and I. When it was relevant to us, mandarin will be used.

There was (all vegetarian) Yu-sheng, sharks' fin soup, abalone with sea cucumber and cuttlefish, duck, fried pork, fried noodles, Luohan zhai and dessert. It's amazing how mushrooms and gluten can be made into such a variety of dishes.

I think vegeterian dishes cooked this way is bad for health hahaha....too oily and rich. No pics, cause no one brought a camera.