Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dirty Dozen + 1

The Dirty Dozen + 1 jeans is a project conceived by Cheep and the members of the online denim community Supertalk in conjunction with New York’s best denim store Blue in Green. Thirteen people over thirteen months will wear a special single pair of customized Evisu jeans hand painted by the Japanese artist Pesu at Blue In Green New York. The jeans start with Chicken who also designed the patch, and will then slowly travel around the world before ending back in NYC after thirteen months.

1. chicken - nyc (8/13-9/9)
2. almond crush - new jersey (9/10-10/7)
3. ddml - philly (10/11-11/5)

4. headtowall - texas, etc (11/8-12/5)
5. cheep - jacksonvillle (12/10-1/6)
6. beatle - germany (1/17-2/13)
7. tg76 - new zealand (2/14-3/12)
8. tweeds - singapore (3/25-4/21)
9. ryu - japan (5/2-5/29)
10. red - east bay (6/9-7/6)
11. digital denim - san francisco (7/7-8/3)
12. poly800rock - philly (8/10-9/6)
13. miz - nyc (9/12-10/9)

I just needed something to help me keep track of the Dirty Dozen + 1 thread on sufu. It's ok if this doesn't make sense to you. It's for me.

Basically, 13 person located all over the world will be sharing a single pair of Evisu. Each of them will be wearing them for a period 4 weeks. The journey will start and end in new york city. Tweeds is our singapore rep. big upz....I'm a jealous boy.

I need japanese selfedge denim now now now!

more here.

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