Sunday, January 06, 2008

Well, about last night...

i have got a cardi since dec 06. and now it's called a mansweater - thanks jados!

cannot feel the vibe at zouk, thank goodness. i think will lay low all the way until the next sirens with stanton warriors.

i have been keeping to my "resolutions". although i should sleep earlier.

an abridged version of my 2008 resolutions:

no more "clubbed to death - circa 2007" - be discerning. be moderate.
more chocolate milk and less cigarettes - rufus wainwright is not an ideal role model.
drink + drive - not even if they pass the breathalyzer test. or can solve trigonometric equations. especially so when they are not able to before drinking.
get that fucking driver's license - and get a fucking car already.
buy that fucking condo that is so near KLCC - or get over it.
be less sad - i dare not even talk about being happier. less gloom and doom will do.
wear that mansweater - even if everyone else think otherwise. being fey and jaunty is the no longer gay but who am i kidding?
get rid of my eyerings - i figured i can't look any less malay-like. i think my eyebags are part of my facial features. i can do with looking less like a panda.

me, this is me. and me, this is me!

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