Saturday, January 19, 2008

A song a day 60

Paul Banks

Yeah but nobody searches

Nobody cares somehow
When the loving that you’ve wasted
Comes raining from a hapless cloud
And I might stop and look upon your face
Disappear in the sweet, sweet gaze
See the living that surrounds me
Dissipate in a violet blaze

Paul Banks
(Looks away in the distance)

Can’t you see what you’ve done to my heart?
And soul?
This is a wasteland now


kittyStar said...

is it my tired eyes or are u leaving down song titles and band names? :p

.::: .: :.:. :.: ... ::: :. .::. .: :. ::. said...

This particular "entry" was because Paul Banks was so cool in the video....and something about it reminds me of a movie. So I just made it look like a movie transcript.