Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MacBook Air

Dear Apple,

when you blow your competition away, make your competitiors eat your should at least say excuse me.....

The MacBook Air touchpad incorporates all the touch features found on the iPod Touch and iPhone .... and now has a 3-finger swipe feature! At it's thickest, it still looks thinner than all normal size laptops!

The solid state Hdd looks expensive at $5000 dollars plus....the cheaper version is still almost $ birthday coming up. Maybe I owe myself a treat. Most probably car...... Lookie here!

1 comment:

jados said...

finished the keynote!

i like the Air but it kinda makes u have to buy all the other apple peripherals in order to make it work
e.g. i dont have wireless in my apt right now n it's kinda silly to have wireless just for me to use :)

plus i am still dependent on the CD/DVD drive!

and the USB flipdown door thingey looks like an accident waiting to happen for clumsy pple like me

but still a way cool product, i liked how they put it in those interoffice envelopes! it'd be cool if i receive one of 'em thru interoffice mail heheh