Saturday, January 26, 2008


Went to the old Bidadari Cemetery for a short session.

flowers frangipani
I am continually impressed by this lens.....the flower seems to be emanating some light of its own.

flower frangipani
I like the details in this. And the girlish pink on the petals....

I tried to do the "catch the images in a dewdrop" thing.....shows I got alot more to learn...and it's super difficult having to go on fours, with your butt sticking out, in the middle of a exhumed cemetery...

I put up this pic which has the strands of "hair" on the fly's back in focus instead of another with the eye in focus. Hair-raising hahahahaha

rebel rivets
Rebel rivet. Because you stick out, you are picked on. You are exposed and you rust faster.

Postscript: Bidadari in malay means "fairy" or houri, which is a voluptuous and alluring female virgin as described in Koranic Paradise. Interestingly, Bidadari contained the grave of one Augustine Podmore Williams who was the key inspiration for Joseph Conrad's novel Lord Jim. - from Wikipedia.


Anonymous said...

Again, photos are beautiful. I'm not someone really into photography so telling me what kinda lens u use isn't gonna make much difference haha! (check ur reply a few posts ago. :-P)

But keep up the photos! They're really lovely. Beauty sometimes really is in the little things eh? :) Hmm ... maybe I should pick up photography to appreciate beauty a little bit more ... hee. :)

.::: .: :.:. :.: ... ::: :. .::. .: :. ::. said...

really appreciate ur comments.

i stated the lens i used cause it really mattered to a very large extent what you can get with a quality lens. i'm still trying to learn and am currently very amateurish at best.

i think i will be keeping up with the photos. i changed my blog's width size - the reason was to accommodate photos.

beauty, i suppose, is everywhere; big or small. but often the beauty in details get overlook. and by capturing it, i may not have done it justice but at least i tried.

can leave a clue as to who you are?

Der Blaue Reiter said...

Love the pictures. I visited Bidadari on many occasions as a student to take pictures of stone angels. Just out of curiosity, is Bidadari still around ? Didn't the government clear it to build some new MRT station ?

Halcyon Realms

.::: .: :.:. :.: ... ::: :. .::. .: :. ::. said...

it's gone! what's left is this huge meadow-like open field with the main paths remaining.

Anonymous said...

oh and in case u din realise, the previous comment should NEVER be approved to be displayed to the evil www world yah? Hee ... juz double checking. :-P