Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fast Car

I was thinking if I should buy a car. If I were to buy a car, I was thinking which car to buy.

I was telling mum I should get something impractical. Like a 2-door sportcar. She had alot to say about that.

I didn't find any support from her.

So I went to my dad. He's got some moral obligation to support me on this. Because when he was still going after my mum, he was driving - get this - a white Triumph Herald and after that, an MG convertible. He was still into sportcars after I was born because I sat in his Toyota Celica Gen 1 before. My mum said there's a pic of me doing a "Truman Capote" pose in the back seat. The seat was upholstered in brown velvet. Talk about being impractical. My dad kinda triumph over all your dads. Your dads are inferior when compared to mine. So what if your dad spent quality time with you? My dad had brown velvet seats for his Toyota Celica Gen 1.

I'm going to go through a few photos with him this weekend. So that I can put the link some online pictures up here.

His MG had license plate number SP 1234. I'm impressed.

So it is probably in my blood (just like how my high blood pressure is congenital) to want a sportcar. So fuck the environmentalists, fuck the USD$100 per barrel crude, fuck the road tax, fuck the practicality, fuck me. I want a sportcar too. But I don't want brown velvet upholstery.

p.s. Dad's Triumph Herald (Heller, as he says it, Primary School Engrish) was white. And so was the MG which was an MGB Midget. I asked him, it looked a little like this one:


vulnerable toes said...

didn't know uncle was so havoc?! but i dun agree its in ur blood. u took helluva long time to just get ur license, talk about owning a sporkcar... liu liu siao!

.::: .: :.:. :.: ... ::: :. .::. .: :. ::. said...

very astute observation....