Monday, May 01, 2006

A little help from my friends

I did a search on Google. And was exposed to a rather sexist fact of life.

There aren't many guides for women in picking guys up. In fact, the search generated more hits on picking girls up.

This means something. Alot. Means alot about somethings.
Firstly, that girls don't need a guide to pick guys up, there just need to do the following:

  • Show skin
  • Look pretty
  • Be alone
  • Show more skin
Girls have it easy, a guide is redundant.

Secondly, girls are selfish and don't wish to share tips. Unlike guys who brag and boast of their hitlist and super secret sure-fire tip, girls prefer to just keep the good stuff to themselves. Maybe it's just the social stigma that sticks to girls who pick guys up. Guys who are successful in picking up gals: stud. Gals who are successful in picking guys up: slut.

Thirdly, there is

But seriously, times have changed. There is a need for a Guide to Picking Up Guys. There is so much skin being bared these days, so it's no longer as effective. Men are no longer the simple tools users like Cro-Magnons or worse, the simplistic Neanderthals. With the rise of the ubersexuals taking the place of the Renaissance Man, Hippy Guru, Marlboro Man and more recently, the pre-millennium Sensitive New Age Guy and the early 21st Century Metrosexuals, guys are no longer the basic sex-hungry, porn-crazy and skirt-chasing simple joes.


Introducing the "lost" copy of the guide to picking up guys!

Was at Velvet last night when I was approached by this girl. But in the end, I didn't want to exchange numbers because, she obviously need a book like the above. Or maybe I'm just the wrong guy. I don't really know what to do when approached....

So I smsed V about it. Telling her I was just picked up by a banker. So she said that was fantastic cause cause a banker is richer than her. Ok, I must admit I did tell V I wanted a sugar mommy. V probably can't afford to keep me as her toy boy. Yet.

Then after a number of really funny SMSs, she said I've become a popular lonely guy for women to pick up at clubs. And that Italian guys like Asian gals. "No doubt".

I don't think I will put fill the rest of the details in as yet. Until sometime later...

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