Monday, May 15, 2006

Never underestimate uncle (or aunty)

You know the deal. You hop onto a taxi and after a hasty greeting, sometimes without, you tell the driver the destination. S/he might come back with some recommendation. You might be totally clueless on how to get to your destination or you might mumble something to the effect that you want the shortest route, the fastest route (which may not be the shortest) etc etc....

You address the driver as uncle or aunty. Those who are more careful with choice of words may use "brother" or the more affectionate "abang".

They regale you with the latest results in English Premier League, the current World Cup odds, the next General Election (in 2011), why PAP is good/bad, why people drive toyota corollas that aren't black are lousy drivers....I mean, there is NOTHING under the sun that the taxi uncle/aunty doesn't know. Ok, not being sexist here, but auntys do tend to know less. They know if you are wearing a thong/jockeys/boxers/nothing from the way you squirm when he is making a u-turn. True!

And it is not a local phenomena.

Over in Blighty (the taxi uncles in London, though maybe not throughout UK, will tell you that Blighty is derived from the Hindustani word for foreign: bila yati that old faithful colonials used to described Great Britain), the same can be said of the cab drivers. Cabbies, as they are called. No one calls them uncle over there. You might try to pretend you are an American Born Chinese there by loosely using the term "brudder" on them. They may not appreciate it.

That's Mister Cab Driver to you sonny. Or you can call me Mister Smith, John Smith. Durh. Not true.

So anyhow, this guy, Guy Kewney (real name) who is a bit of a computer and internet expert was invited on a BBC programme to give his views on Apple Computer and the way people are accessing to music. I don't know if it's a joke or something (a way to make credible people seem in-credible), they got a cab driver (if you would believe it) by mistake!

So this guy, who looks nothing like Guy Kewney, pulls off the best stunt of his life, worthy of a triple grammy.

See Guy Kewney:

Now see impersonator (note: this is NOT Guy Kewney):
The resemblance is uncanny.
I mean, look at the two! Practically separated at birth!

Notice the eyes? How they both have got a pair? And the amazing thing is, their noses separates them in the middle! And I don't have to even mention the mouth and lips do I? And the ears, oh my gawd, the ears, how they are somewhere aligned with their eyebrows? Ok, so the real (I am having my doubts already, are you?) Guy Kewney has got his ears covered by some headphone device.

I guess it could have been anyone who mistook the latter for Guy Kewney.

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