Sunday, May 28, 2006


I've got a message board up.
Feel free to use it.

It's free! It's fun! Use it!

Ok, I sound weirdly cheerful.

We were talking about the days we hate/like the most. It was friday night at BarBaaBlackChic. It was also to meet up with Elaine (whom we've not met for ages, but we still look the same). So some were happy that, it being a friday, the weekend was being herald in. Some would be happier on a saturday morning or afternoon, especially those who work on saturdays. Some on sundays. Maybe it's church day. Some on fridays. Oh, I said that already. Some like wednesdays because it's like the mid-week bump and all, so like a rolling stone that's over the peak, it starts gathering moss. Eh, wait, that doesn't sound right. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Once you're over the peak, you pick up speed. Ok..something like that. So I suppose once you're going down, you go down real fast.

Most hate mondays. It's the inevitable start of the week. I hate mondays. I dunno when I started hating them but I've devoted a good part of my life hating mondays. Tuesdays can be equally bad. Because Mondays are expected to be lousy days. And when the lousiness rolls over, tuesdays become the bitch you cannot tame. wednesdays are ok. I hate sundays. the dread of monday is so intense, I wake on a sunday morning ready to kill. So saturday nights sometimes get affected. especially when the coming week is fun-filled with deadlines.

So what does that leave me with? Probably saturday morning and friday nights. They seem furthest away from mondays.

anyway. this entry was suppose to be about my new cbox. use it. it's free. feel free to use it. blah.

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