Saturday, May 06, 2006


I turned up at the Polling Station at Blk 9 of St Georges Road today as any responsible citizen would. It's Polling Day y'all nimwits. Voting is Compulsory. Voting is Secret. 投票是强致的。投票是秘密的。

But sometime back after not receiving my polling card like the rest of my family, I decided to check up with the Elections Department. The website indicated that I should submit some form. So I duly filled it up.

But then I have not done the following.
Because the electorate is finalised "a few months ahead" I should have "enquired with the Elections Department" before the electorate was finalised.

Damn. Only two things prevented me from doing that. Firstly, I was under the impression that my mum had asked the Polling Agents and Senior Presiding Officer at the Polling Station back in 2001 to indicate that I was away. Subsequently, either I was suppose to have followed up on something or ??? Secondly, since I was under the impression that my name is in the electorate, I waited for the polling card and when it did not arrive, I promptly sent in the form. And this was done within days after Nomination Day.

But now I can't vote.

There was this elderly lady, walking with aid, who spoke English, at the Enquiries table at the Polling Station. Supposedly, her polling card indicated that her Polling Station was to be at Bendemeer Secondary School. Or was it Primary. Doesn't matter. But during one of "Yaacob's walkabout, I mentioned to him that my sister can't vote because she is [suffering from] dementia and I might not want to go all the way to Bendemeet School to vote given my condition". Like I said, she walks with aid. So "Yaacob said that there is a possibility that a Polling Station be set up here, at Blk 9 and that I can vote here."

Of course she cannot.

So what's happening now is that Yaacob could have unknowingly provided the lady with incorrect information.

This is terrible.

What does that say for the rest of the incumbent Party's candidates in Jalan Besar GRC? Oh no, this was not caught on CCTV neither was it captured on a microtape recorder. There are no Indian former colleagues or rival party sinkhs who overheard the conversation. Just the bunch of cronies who followed Yaacob around who might have heard it.

Anyway, after being offered the explanation (she simply cannot vote here), she asked the Senior Presiding Officer to talk to her hand and that she was "deeply disappointed and made to suffer this inconvenience."

Disclaimer: The above scene was not captured by CCTV (I did a quick can) neither were there any Sinkhs or former Indian colleagues around. No minority reports were filed. perhaps just an Incident Report.

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