Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Have volunteered to help out with CEO's wedding dinner.

CTG XX.X.X or something. If this doesn't make any sense to you. It's okay.

need some help from you. Yes. You. YOU!

Remember how inane the music you heard before the start of a wedding dinner? The haphazardly put together songs that simply had no coherent vibe going on while you consume that bowl of shark's fin soup or that bowl of ee-fu noodles (yay! next dish is the dessert! finally!)? Fuck, admit it, some of you don't even care about the music.

Well, if music don't mean a thing to you, please stop reading.

I'm serious. Stop.

But if like me, your ears are constantly pricked and picking up music and songs that is played even in shopping centres, airports and wedding dinners, I need you help.

I'm helping CEO to muster a list of songs/music to be played during his dinner. While I know about 80% of the well-wishers will not pay attention to the music, and the 20% who do will do so for 20% of the time. Whatever that is left is meant for the music that will be played during the March In. Some weddings have two March Ins. But the music/song that EVERYBODY pay attention to is the number they play when they serve the cold dish (first dish). I have had enough of Be Our Guest from the Little Mermaid and this particular Kitaro number that is featured in just about every passing out parade when recruits are doing their bayonet fight. Ok, maybe during my time.

I implore anyone who had a good impression of the songs they have heard at a wedding dinner to drop comments. Thanks x 1,000,000!


jados said...

there are actually websites u can go to for what music pple play at weddings. but tt also means tons of lovey dovey songs. if i hear "Love, Me" at another wedding, i swear i will throw the sharks fin at the waiter :p

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

If I hear Kitaro's 'Matsuri' one more time, I will cry...

Well, if you are aiming for a bombastic entrance, try the score of 'Conan the Barbarian'.

There are some classical pieces that can be alright too.

I have always almost hated everything I hear at weddings. I had a friend who played some KeiTheVez stuff which amazed me. This friend was someone who was totally conventional, yet, he played KeiTheVez. It's a defunct synthpop group that has stuff akin to better Depeche Mode material. Dark in a sense.

Maybe the familiar and overplayed Loreena McKennitt? It's too tired, I know... but for the normal folks, it may work.

I would opt for some classic pieces from Satie, Faure or Debussy. Maybe even Liszt. Funerailles is pretty but certainly they will throw a fit if they discover the title...

Sorry, I'm afraid I'm of no good to you. I have Bossa Nova, New Age and Jazz CDs at home but I hate most of them anyhow. Heh.