Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Uncanny X Men and Da Vinci Code

I'm Sir Ian McKellen, but you can call me Serena."

Gandalf, Sir Leigh Teabing and Magneto (Eric Magnus Lehnsherr - Jew of course) all have one thing in common. And that is the actor who played them all.

Of the current two movies that Sir Ian McKellen is in, well, namely The Da Vinci Code and X-Men : The Last Stand, they are bound to be huge huge hits, even though they are not released right smack in the summer. Superman is. Digressing.

Sir Ian McKellen certainly isn't the first gay knight. I suggest you don't search on google for "gay knights" because what it'll turn up is a lot of sites that you are most probably not looking for.

But Sir Ian McKellen certainly was the first to be knighted, after he went public about his sexuality. That was in 1988. He was knighted in 1991. He, together with Sir Nigel Hawthorne and Sir John Gielgud are theatrical knights. Not that being gay meant that they were more melodramatic than others. But because they were such briliant actors.

Really, what I want to write about isn't a movie review. Cause, not interested.
I was noting how coincidental the theme of both these movies were. Especially when Sir Ian McKellen is in both of them. He is a LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) activist and it's really interesting to note how he might feel against Christianity, the Vatican and all other organisations (when your church manages more money than a small country, hell yeah, you are an organisation) that publicly denounces his sexual preferences. And also if homosexuality is a disease. It's like mutants. The quest for a cure meant that it is looked upon as a disease. Leaving an option for a cure meant that people can actually choose. Using the cure as a weapon meant that mutants are actually dangerous.

So it begs to be asked. Is a person's sexuality a disease? Is it a choice? Is it dangerous?

Ok, let's move to the fluffy, airy fairy stuff everybody likes.

Here are some pics of my favourite (at one time) X-Men character. Phoenix - Jean Grey. Yeah....sounds lame now especially since she is the main character in The Last Stand. But let's be fair. I bought her toy figure way back. Like in 1996 or so.

Phoenix no, i dunno why only her boobies are in focus.

Phoenix her eyes and hair glows...

Phoenix activated by this button on her back.

Apocalypse random pic of another character I liked: Apocalypse.

Luckily, there were "extras" at the end of the X-Men credits. Cause I made my movie companions stay. And by the way, there is a movie titled Magneto that is slated for release next year. *hint hint*

Next post would be about how the "war" that took place at Alcatraz (with the Golden gate Bridge straddling between the island and San Francisco) can be a metaphor for Singapore/Malaysia. Don't bloody ask me why I think of such stuff while watching X-Men. I don't bloody know.

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