Monday, May 15, 2006

My Puma El Rey (it wasn't meant to be) ='(

I have been bugging V since February or so. About a pair of Puma slipons that I wanted to get. I'm bugging not for her to get it. But why is it that I cannot find it.
I thought maybe cause I was a little eager. All I can remember is that it was slated for a March release. So February, maybe too early lah.

And since then, I have been thronging the streets, sports shops and secretly rejoiced when Puma opened a store in Marina Square.

I saw a new pair recently. It was white. It was the exact same design, just different colour and material.

This is the pair that I want. I finally found it.

There are three different materials for this series. There is one with the embossed leather, one with meshed canvas or something and the one which I want to have is the pony skin. It's gotta to with remnant yearning for my very own My Little Pony from my childhood years.

Guess what, it was released in March 2006. It gets better. There are about 50 of each made. Narbeh. What the fuck for right?

So I guess I might have to settle for something less exotic. I might not have bought it anyways. It would have probably cost something like $300 or so.

Something less might be this:

damn, i'm addicted to cats.

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