Sunday, May 28, 2006

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This is not the first working weekend and it probably won't be the last. I am totally not feeling well. Have been under the weather since last week, got better after the weekend but then came another bout of sore throat, flu and cough. Hate it. And with the weekend burnt by the work piled upon me...I don't feel any better.

I don't have anything interesting to post here. I think alot of bloggers often face this situation. When they have got nothing to blog about. It's not a bloggers' block. It's more likely due to the fact that most of us lead the most mundane of lives. Like mine. I constantly post silly blog entries because my life is not filled with constant edge of seat thrill. It's not some celebrity up-to-the-minute news that everyone is hankering after. I often post entries that are nothing but lyrics of songs I am listening to. Try to put some context and meaning behind it, as if it actually matters. Well, sometimes it does. Most times.

I don't have any splashy pictures that show me clubbing at the coolest places, I don't have membership to any clubs in Singapore. Well, Singapore Armed Forces Yacht Club, if that counts. I don't manicure/pedicure my nails because my nails are ugly and short. In fact, I bite my nails. They are knurled. Milled. Unsightly. I don't pander for endorsements because, it's unrealistic and that's not the purpose why I blog. I can't stir up any controversy because I don't think it's a calculated move.

So what do I do? I put up stuff that serves as an outlet for the creativity juices that gets stored up in me. I talk about kiddy stuff because there is a child in me that refuses to die. I don't see the world with child-like innocence mind you. I just have a kiddy sense of humour at times. Too often according to my little sister who is constantly begging for me to grow up. I whine and rant about the work I do although it pays damn well. I justify that by telling myself that money can't buy happiness but sure as hell, without money, happiness is alot harder to have. So random entries that does not reflect my life is for creativity. Posts with lyrics are closer to the state I am in I guess. In fact, they are better benchmarks than actual posts that report on my daily life. Like how I went to cut my hair today, who I went out with. Who the F cares?

So when I stated how James Walsh might be thinking too highly of himself two posts ago and pasted the lyrics to Silence Is Easy, it was because in their earlier album, he had a song called She Just Wept which I post before as well. What I meant was, James Walsh must be some superman because in a relationship, he is never the person needing help. Instead, he sings about being helpless (Got a lot to give but I don't know how to help her - Silence is Easy and How can I act When my heart's on the floor? My life is good My love's a mess - She Just Wept), not about needing help.

Damn, I also have this great tendency to be incoherent. And warped.

Actually, alot of stuff makes sense only to me. Or at least, I make my own sense which may generally not be common. I am wary about commonsensical things. Because I sometimes find myself devoid of that common sense.

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