Monday, May 22, 2006

Did anyone notice

that the publicity splash at Orchard MRT for Da Vinci Code is super huge and on the floor?

it features the cast superimposed on Leonardo's Last Supper.

They (the powers that be, possibly the MRT staff or over-zealous Christians) have barricaded the ad that is on the floor. Specifically the spot where Jesus' face is on the Last Supper.

So that commuters will not step on him (oops, sorry, Him).

I think they shld have thought of that before sticking it on the floor.

Orchard Road leh. District 9. Real estate is very expensive.

I'll put up pics if I have any. But last I heard, Kenny Sia tried taking pictures in an MRT station, he got a warning. So....I'd better not. I'm no Kenny Sia. Not hung like a horse, no coconuts for balls.

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