Monday, February 11, 2008

Marina Mandarin AIR Program

Ok, regulars will know what I'm on about.

Lin Bao-Ling is starting another Artist-In-Residence program (AIR with PKW and 253倉庫). Under the auspice of Asian Art Options Gallery and Marina Mandarin, he will be in his studio every Tue, Thu and Sat from 1 to 6pm. The beginnings of Nocturne IV perhaps? Hahaha...he is not very creative with the names of his solo exhibitions.

Marina Mandarin is not a stranger to his art. In fact, it was in this hotel that I first saw his work.

Head on down for a look see won't you?

Haha, I will definitely pop down. Cause I owe him 500 bucks. And if he is alright with it, chart his progress in full digital glory. Sorta.

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