Saturday, February 16, 2008

Days of our lives

It's always been a nice thing to catch up with primary school mates(huihui, shuyun, yvonne, meiyi, dinesh, guoliang, satheesh, junjie and yisheng on overseas call). The one I had on Friday night was especially good cause Satheesh and Dinesh turned up. And it was ys's birthday so we called him while he was having his own (clean) fun in aussieland.

Dinner was at Hong Kong St Seafood along the Novena stretch. Fantastic food and with affordable prices. Dinner for 7 came up to be 130+. We had the customary lo hei yu sheng of course. It's still the Lunar New Year after all.

We adjourned to Harry's at Novena Velocity and had plenty more to drink. It was only there that guoliang (female 50 most gorgeous hor, dun pray pray) and satheesh (probably bedded a number of gorgeous birds) came to join us. Plenty of drinks working as the social lubricant.

Man, when you've got friends who've known you for the last 22 of your 29 years, you know you ain't doing too bad as a human.

A pity weiwen (haha), zhikun, qinglin and some others couldn't join. Huihui forgot to inform howard. duh!

I totally like the photos in here.


vulnerable toes said...

how many gatherings have i missed?

.::: .: :.:. :.: ... ::: :. .::. .: :. ::. said...

I lost count. More than 10? Including karaoke sessions, wedding dinners and other get-togethers. But don't worry, hurry back and all is forgiven. Haha...

vulnerable toes said...

maybe easier to count those i've attended? tho i cant quite remember too.