Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sweeney Todd and Kite Runner

Watched two movies over Friday and Saturday. Sweeney Todd and Kite Runner.

Sweeney Todd
Could have been better. I don't think I really like the genre. Musicals. The tiresome side-plot of boy meets girl and the two fall madly in love immediately (cue duet) is one huge bugbear. Tim Burton with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter forms a very coherent threesome. It's always a joy to watch Johnny Depp but I really hope to see him in a drama soon. He was spectacular in Donnie Brasco and I always doubted his Grammy nod for Pirates. Similarly for Sweeney Todd. I think he is just a safe nominee to attract interest. Johnny Depp has tremendous following, guys wanna be him, gays wanna do him, girls wanna have him, mothers wanna adopt him....something like that. Johnny Depp is no stranger to the music scene. He played guitar on the Help! album under the WARCHILD label. The track he guested on was Fade Away by Oasis. His then partner was Kate Moss, who played the tambourine on the track. I guess guys don't mind either of his partners as well.....Kate Moss or Vanessa Paradis.

Kite Runner
This movie is worth watching. Stumbling a little about a third into the movie but managed to pick it all up with a little bit of action thrown in. This movie starts in a time where Afghanistan was not facing a Russian invasion. Don't be shocked by the wealth and apparent stability. The degradation of Kabul paces the lives of Amir, the male lead. And the ending, if only hopefully so, points to a possible re-emergence of the middle east when all the mess is gone. I particularly like this quote from Amir's father: All the mullahs want our souls. And the communists are saying we don't have one. Please watch this.

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