Friday, February 22, 2008

You aren't missing if nobody realise that you're gone 2008

Just like what I did two years ago.....

Jade - Haha, you were the first! By virtue of your timezone and sleeping hours.
Mongster - So when's the next time you gonna mix chivas and whatever else?

Jean - hope Seoul has been good to you, Kenneth and little Timothy.
Chiewmei - what a nice re-discovery of my verbal-sparring nemesis...I'm no longer as sharp, if I ever was.
Yuwen - have fun in London! and holler to Yugin and Amy too!
Queenie - thanks thanks! have a great year ahead with your fiance.
weichean - great travelblog you've got going although it's inconsistently maintained.
Marilyn Lee - thanks! haha, you should be the president of the TT and Party group!
Randall - haha, even your attempt to be witty was feeble. there is no Feb 29 in 1979 bro!
Roland - Sir, paiseh. Have to learn to be selfish, finally.
Kenny C - When and where will we ever meet again?!
Yugin - How's Amy? Send my regards. And Lucienne is done with her Ph.D. When is yours done?
Ansen - come back quick....i may leave my current workplace. but our KL apartment plan remains....

Pinyan - you were the first. just a minute past. but you wish curt kobain a happy belated 39th instead. He should be 41 this year had he lived dawg....or was it playing with my real age? damn, i look that old?
Huihui - great attempt at anglocising teochew; sey jit kuai lok! hahaha....
Mel - thanks for the advice you gave when you found out about me having a dog. hehehe...
Nicholas - you wimp! chickened out on leaving? but you're fine to've got a car, a wife, a HDB....I got none of the above.
Shuyun - Thanks! Always great to come out for a meal, even when we are not looking for property..
Yewfei - Fantastic idea of a drink up, I mean, meet up. When become father.
Jinks - Budd, I may leave you...for pastures which I can only hope is greener. See how it goes.
Benjamin Teo - we have to move up on a higher level of training soon. Sundown marathon!!
Andy Seow - Thanks! The card as well.
Yvonne - Cheers! And the irony of receiving a phonecall from you about meeting up for drinks while I am awaiting to see my doctor for hypertension.
Bryan - Huat ar! Did I tell you I won TOTO?
SAF Yacht Club - erm... who do I thank?
AGZR - Didn't I tell you we'd win if we share TOTO? Not bad right? Thanks for the fishhead steamboat dinner. =)

Also a great big thank you to my father, mother, bro and sis.....and bro especially for "The Book Of Digital Photography.

P.S. my 3rd aunt as well, who was the first with the belated greetings!

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