Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sweet Angle [sic]

There was this sillyporelian girl in my college. Two of us, we were the only two sillyporelian/bengs in Derwent.

And she has this reputation of not particularly liking sillyporebengs. but i laid the trap that can lure just about any true-blue wasn't it tom yam bee hoon?

it was great meeting up again. dimunitive in size but her voice and nature more than made up for the lack of physical stature.

when we met up 2 days back, we were still talking about braving the bitter cold rain after Homelands in 2000 together with Chin (married now, but he was the one who slipped a letter under her door, professing his love for his "sweet angle" - she is a English Lit student). the bowl of matterly estate in Winchester was the first of my dance festival. would never have done it without you.

Congrats on your Ph.D! And for always filling me in on your latest blonde-hair, blue-eyed conquests. Haha....I can always remember the 2nd last morning of my first year. You might have forgotten but it was so funny the way you came tumbling down the stairs confessing.....

you've always been an excellent friend who never fail to look me up when you're in town. thanks for being ever so welcoming.

good luck in london. or warwick.

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