Saturday, February 09, 2008

Phuket Thailand!

I guess I wonder if people ever stay together for good.

Juno is well-paced and does not have many unnecessary lines. Cannot think of any major flaw. Maybe the choice of music seems to fall into the "indie flick" theme. But it works. Nobody should complain. Will The Moldy Peaches make it big time because of this movie. Maybe not but the band is definitely going to garner more attention.

This movie works because the perspective is refreshing. Teenage unwanted pregnancy with a twist. I really really hope an indie flick will win a Best Picture. But, maybe not this one. Not yet. Ellen Page is a bright young talent. I hope she keeps her head on her shoulders when she chooses future movie roles.

I think I want a part-time lover and a full-time friend too.

P.S. "Phuket Thailand!" is an American rhyming slang for fuck it. Like Cockney.

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