Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hse Warming

Nich + Jam was so kind to have us over for a little CNY gathering. Although not everyone was there (2 were missing!)

The happy couple were married last year and I was helping them with the photography. Did not do a very good job but I guess it was sufficient for record purposes. Moreover, it's was only my second attempt after helping yf and sj with their wedding.

Thanks Nich + Jam for the lovely meal. Your home looks neat and tidy. Need some "lived-in" to make it really cosy haha....I hope the few of us helped last night. Not sure if you read this blog (hmmmmmm) but I promise to put up what was written in your CNY card soon. It's with an auntie right now (haha).

Fair winds and following seas
CH! You're getting 100% support from our top guy in JLD.

(in an effort to appear normal....
an entry on my humdrum life - ain't so bad
when you don't think about it,

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