Monday, February 18, 2008

Horrorscope - Cloud No. 9

The financial picture continues to improve, dear Pisces. At some point during the day, you might have the feeling that you're not working hard enough to keep your current forward motion going, and you might feel a panic rising. This might prove to be a good motivating factor, but you don't need to push yourself much harder than you're doing now. You're on a roll, and it's likely to continue. Keep moving, just pace yourself.
Read only the bad stuff

No, my financial picture is still in the red although it is indeed improving. I do think that I can do with less cash in hand and I should really look at a good alternate liquid source. One that is a lot more flexible than unit trusts and not as exposed to market forces. I'm on a roll? - this single statement is the most accurate, downhill, that's the direction of the roll. Keep moving? No way jose, I think a tactical switch is due. Perhaps a little tweaking of the strategy as well....the times - they are a-changin'

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