Sunday, February 03, 2008


She stands tall and erect on a rocky outcrop.
The regulated light she shows is to guide. Away not towards. Like a warning sign.
Keep off.
She lets the waves have their way with her. Cresting her spectacularly as they break.
But if you're not malleable she will crush you with equal spectacle.

The ebbing of tide reveals the scars.
Metal masts and wooden hulls surround the edge. Coming to rest at where they have made their closest approach.
Like a mess of broken hearts and love debris. Haphazardly displaced yet seemingly arching towards her.

She faces the storms and seas alone.
She witnesses the wax and wane of the moon. The winds buffet and the waves pound as she withstood silently. She looks forlorn, awaiting.
But that's just you. For she is emotionless and devoid of life.

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