Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I wish to use these words more often this new Lunar New Year (so that I can be more pretentious) :

Bracing - Haha, such a nice sounding word. Does what it means, which is to refresh. It could be mistaken for a kangaroo word. "Bracing" with the joey word "racing".

Gander - Informally, it means to stare. And if you use the word and the person you are speaking to does not know the meaning, haha, all the more so you should use it because the informal meaning is " a ninny or simpleton". Not just a male goose. A female goose is - a goose! Collective noun being gaggle but be careful, when flying in formation they become a skein or wedge.

Feckless - Like reckless. Having no sense of responsibility. And also incompetent.

Vacuous - Used specifically to mean devoid of substance; meaning. Not unintelligent. Like my pretentious way of life. But somehow, it's neither tiring nor inconsistent.

Supercilious - I will use this word instead of "punch-me look" when describing people with disdainful faces.

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