Sunday, November 11, 2007

Your name is Justine. Really...

watched this movie.

the movie won a couple of awards around the film festival circuit.
i suppose the female lead can win some awards for the screaming, eye-stares and battered looks.

movie was way too long. the topic was delicious, human-trafficking in europe, young girls being sold to prostitution rings. there were previous movies made in the same vein. eastern europe, former russian-bloc, china, thailand, japan......

the movie was not bad. but somehow the potential was not fully tapped. the actors suck. really. only person to shine is the lead actress. the characters were 2 dimensional, lacking character development despite the length of the movie.

would have loved to understand the nature of some of the male actors. the reasons why they do what they do. but all the movie provided was a narration of a typical story in an extraordinary situation.

still worth watching though probably on vcd or dvd or cable.

should watch lions for lambs instead. <---- edited: I included this sentence because Lions For Lambs is equally 2 dimensional. It's not a balanced movie - just like Michael Moore's documentaries. But this is a better "lousy" movie compared to Your Name Is Justine. For a really good, almost all angled look at War on Terror, White House dodgers and nitty-gritty stuff on 9/11, watch something like Babel and Syriana. Really.

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